Ninaithale Inikkum: Savitri’s evil move

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Zee Tamil’s daily soap Ninaithale Inikkum serial never fails to engage its audiences with its unique storyline. Now the serial focuses on Boomi’s false pregnant story.

In the previous episode, we witnessed that,
Siddharth failed to reveal the truth. Siddharth and Boomi worried about their problem. Krishnaveni inquired Boomi about her married life. Boomi cooked up the lie to make her happy. Siddharth was emotional at Boomi’s lie.

In today’s episode, Dheivnaygam asks for an account for Savitri. Mano hesitates to show his account. Dheivnaygam asks Boomi to help him. Mano, Savitri, and Tamana fear the worst when Boomi goes through the documents.

Boomi finds the fault in Mano’s account. She finds the fault in the document. Dheivnaygam warns Mano. Boomi asks Dheivnaygam to appoint an auditor to check the accounts. Savitri becomes furious with Boomi’s act. She shares her plan with Mano and Tamana. She plans to add anesthesia drugs to the rituals.

Siddharth looks at Boomi romantically. He wishes to present a gift to Boomi. The family is preparing everything for the rituals. Boomi writes her feeling in her diary. Anjala tells Boomi to get ready for the function. Siddharth gets permission to go out to buy gifts. Boomi waiting for Siddharth.

In the upcoming episode, Savitri will mix anesthesia in the water. Siddharth will take Boomi to the balcony. Siddharth will present the anklet to Boomi. Boomi will fall from the balcony. What happens to Boomi?

Will Boomi get hospitalized? Will Savitri reveal the truth to the family?

How long Siddharth and Boomi will act? Will Siddharth and Boomi plan for a baby?

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