Ninaithale Inikkum: Siddharth feeds Boomi.

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Ninaithale Inikkum is popular for its unique storyline. The story revolves around a girl Boomi makes bakery items and sells them on the streets. She dreams of opening a sweet shop. Ninaithale Inikkum is the passionate story of Boomi dreaming to be a businesswoman. Will Boomi make her dream real? Earlier we saw, Boomi wore Annalakshmi’s saree. Siddharth slapped Boomi for changing his miniature. Siddharth fed Boomi. Now the viewers will see, Siddharth will support Boomi.

In the previous episode, Bathman insulted Boomi. Bathman’s plot against Boomi’s business. Siddharth questioned Boomi about the miniature. Boomi divulged the truth to Siddharth. Siddharth slapped Boomi. Siddharth informed Boomi’s deeds to the family.

In today’s episode, Dheivnaygam comes to know Boomi’s whereabouts from the florist. Batman, Raghuvaran, Preethi quietly watch them. Boomi realizes her mistake and recollects an incident from her childhood. Dheivnaygam is searching Boomi in the temple. Boomi tries to hide the rift from Dheivnaygam. Dheivnaygam brings Boomi back home. Jagadish and his family feel relieved when Dheivnaygam brings Boomi home. Preeti, Raghuvaran, Bathman quietly watch them when the family supports Boomi. Bathman uses this as an opportunity and speaks ill about Boomi to Preethi. Preeti is quite disturbed by Bathman’s talk. Boomi hesitates to meet Siddharth. Siddharth feels relaxed when Boomi comes to the room. Siddharth disowns Boomi. Dheivnaygam questions Siddharth about Boomi. Arunachalam phones Siddharth and apologizes to him. Siddharth realizes his mistake and feeds Boomi. Boomi feels overwhelmed when Siddharth tends to Boomi.

In the upcoming episode, Boomi will pack the sweets to deliver. Boomi will be waiting for the client. Bathman will insult Boomi. Siddharth will support Boomi when she decides to quit her job. Will Bathman plan succeed? Will Boomi change her decision?
All these questions will be answered. Keep checking the space for the latest update on your favorite Tamil shows.