Ninaithale Inikkum: Siddharth’s friends visit Innupu Illam

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Zee Tamil’s daily soap Ninaithale Inikkum serial never fails to engage its audiences with its unique storyline.

In the previous episode, we witnessed that,
Siddharth wished to marry Sweth. Siddharth committed suicide. Boomi cried after learning about Siddharth’s untold story. Boomi worried about Siddharth. Dheivnaygam read Siddharth’s diary. Tamana noticed Siddharth’s diary and reads it.

In today’s episode, Siddharth gets an unknown message from the number. Siddharth reaches the temple. Siddharth is disturbed when he hears the voice. Siddharth gets emotional after seeing his diary. Siddharth hides the dairy from Boomi. He refuses to share his problem with Boomi.

Siddharth hesitates to converse in front of Boomi when he receives an unknown call. Boomi calls Siddharth and sings a song. Siddharth gets a clue. Boomi stops singing when Siddharth enters the balcony. Dheivnaygam shares Siddharth’s story with Dharshini and Jagadish. He thinks that they will help Boomi. After learning about Siddharth’s past, they decide to help Boomi.

Siddharth is disturbed. Siddharth is surprised to see his friend. Siddharth is happy to see their friends in Innum Illam. Dheivnaygam seeks his friend’s help to change Siddharth’s strange behavior. They assure Dheivnaygam to help him. Tamana overhears their plan.

Siddharth thinks of the past. Siddharth’s friend wishes to see Siddharth’s favorite bike. They urge Siddharth to ride it. They send Boomi along with Siddharth on his bike.

Will Siddharth change his behavior?

Will Siddharth shares her problem with Boomi?

Will Siddharth accept Boomi?

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