Ninaithale Inikkum: Swetha’s birthday party

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Zee Tamil’s daily soap Ninaithale Inikkum serial never fails to engage its audiences with its unique storyline. Now the serial concentrate on Boomi eager to learn about Siddharth’s past. She will read Siddharth’s diary.

In the previous episode, we witnessed that, Siddharth conversed with Mera over the phone. Siddharth wished to see Mera. He lost his heart to Mera’s voice. Siddharth was speechless when Boomi sang the same song. Siddharth failed to accept Mera’s love. Swetha expressed her love to Siddharth. Swetha admitted Siddharth to the hospital. Swetha was disturbed by Siddharth’s murmur.

In today’s episode, Siddharth wishes to meet Meera. Swetha advises Siddharth to accept Meera’s love. Siddharth pines for Meera’s love. Swetha calls Siddharth to accept her love. Siddharth accepts Meera’s love. Siddharth tells her to participate in the competition. A shock for Siddharth.

Siddharth lost his heart at Swetha’s voice. Siddharth proposes Swetha. Boomi learns about Swetha and Siddharth’s love. Siddharth and Swetha spent quality time together. Boomi is disturbed by Siddharth’s love. Siddharth tends to Boomi. Swetha invited Siddharth to her birthday party.

Swetha plans to reveal their love to the family. Swetha’s father notices Swetha’s unusual behavior. Siddharth and their friends reach Swetha’s home. Swetha’s father suspected Swetha’s behavior. At the party, Siddharth presented a ring to Swetha.

Siddharth meets Swetha’s father. Siddharth sings a song to Swetha. A shock for Swetha with her father’s announcement. Swetha’s father acts in front of the near and dears to learn the true relationship between Siddharth and Swetha.

Will Swetha talk to her father about her love? Will Boomi unite Siddharth and Mera?

Will Boomi learns about Siddharth’s past?

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