Nishabd 21st June 2022 Written Update: A complicated love triangle.

Nishabd 21st June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with two girls dancing and smoking drunk. They both are in relationship. They gets romantic. They both are wearing a couple bracelet where one girl’s bracelet has locket and the other girl’s bracelet as key. They resume dancing and gets intimate. Next day, they both wake up hearing door bell ring . One girl opens the door to find her mother who wants to surprise her. The other girl comes out and the main girl signals her. The main girl clears the mess.

The main girl Ananya is cooking with her mother and the other girl. Her mother taunts their short clothes. The other girl says that they both are girls and don’t have to shy. The mother doesn’t like the other girl. Later, the other girl fights indirectly with the mother. Ananya notices their cold war. The other girl says that she’s going to sleep but the mother says that Ananya will sleep with her today. She leaves irritated while the mother complaints about the other girl to Ananya.

Ananya asks her mother what’s her problem with the other girl Sayali. Her mother says about finding cigarette and some dried leaves in her cupboard and she threw it away. Ananya gets shocked and goes to say it to Sayali. Next morning, Sayali’s sleep gets disturbed due to aarti sound and gets irritated. They both get ready to leave to office when Ananya’s mother asks her to come soon as she has fixed a date for her with a guy.

Ananya agree for her mother while Sayali leaves angrily. Ananya follows her and tries persuading her but Sayali is very much angry with her. Ananya consoles her saying that she has no idea of cheating her and will definitely say the truth to her mother at the right time. Sayali gets convinced but with a warning that if something goes wrong then she would kill both of them. They both leave.

Ananya and her mother meets with the groom’s family. Her mother praises Ananya and everyone likes Ananya. Groom’s mother gives them some private time and Ananya’s mother also sends her to have a open talk with each other. Ananya goes to room with the boy and asks whether he’s always shy like that. The guy seems impressed with Ananya.

Ananya says she’s not as she presents herself to be. She looks at a girl sitting on a chair in another room and asks the guy about it. The guy answers that she’s his elder sister who faced something terrible in her life. He says that she stopped interacting after the incident. He introduces his sister to Ananya who just left with a hi.

Ananya and the guy Arjun come out and he says he likes Ananya and is ready for marriage if it’s fine with them. Ananya’s mother asks for Ananya’s opinion and she looks st his elder sister and gives her nod. Everyone rejoice. Sayali is smoking upset and Ananya again consoles her. Sayali wants to say the truth to her mother but Ananya says they would at the right time.

Sayali again reminds her that she would kill them if something goes wrong. Ananya calls Arjun who flirts with her. She asks about his sister Vanitha and he says as sad as always. She asks him to send her number to her so that she could help her and cuts the call. He sends her number. Ananya calls Vanitha and wants to meet her. Vanitha agrees to meet her.

Ananya and Vanitha gets close. They go out as Ananya comes there to meet Vanitha in the pretext of meeting Arjun. Ananya again visits Vanitha when everybody else went for shopping. Ananya asks the reason for her sadness. Vanitha refuses to say saying that it’s her personal matter. Ananya convinces her to confess.

Vanitha shares with her about her love story with Nitin when he proposed her for marriage and she accepted it. She later caught him cheating on her and broke her alliance with him. Vanitha breaks down and Ananya consoles her. Vanitha says that she never shared it with anyone before and couldn’t control herself. Ananya consoles her and they both gets intimate.

Next morning, Vanitha regrets for what happened. She says she’s marrying Arjun and again she will become alone. Ananya convince her that she’s getting married and coming to the house and will be together with her. She leaves and wonders how to convince Sayali that she fell for Vanitha.

She says that she’s ready to go to the extent of marrying Arjun. Later, Ananya’s mother asks her to get engaged soon as she also likes Arjun. Ananya leaves without answering while her bother asks Sayali to fix the date consulting with Ananya. Sayali gets confused with Ananya’s behaviour.

Vanitha calls Ananya and says that the thing shouldn’t have happened between them. She asks her to forget whatever happened and get married to her brother. Ananya says she loves her but Vanitha doesn’t want to take it forward. She calls it a moment and wants to end it as it has no destination.

Ananya comes crying to Sayali and Sayali asks what happened. She hugs and comforts her. Next morning, Sayali is about to confront Ananya’s mother about marriage but Ananya drags her inside. Ananya asks Sayali to not say anything to her mother when Sayali confronts her about her the reason for it.

Ananya doesn’t agree and promises that she would see her dead if she continues to say the truth to her mother. Later, Ananya comes to Sayali and again tries convincing her. Sayali asks her to say what she wants and is even ready to give up if she wants to be with Arjun. Ananya says it’s not true and asks her to not misunderstand that she’s interested on Arjun.

Sayali comes home to find it vacant and calls Ananya and her mother but both doesn’t pick up the call. Sayali went to the engagement venue and goes to Ananya’s room. She finds Vanitha confronting Ananya for going head with the marriage despite being lesbian. She asks her to say the truth to her brother. Ananya says she loves her and kisses her forehead.

Sayali gets heartbroken seeing it and hides and cries. She’s about to say the truth to Ananya’s mother when Ananya herself confesses that she’s a lesbian and loves Vanitha. She apologize to Arjun and Sayali and both take it sportive. Arjun just wishes for his sister’s happiness.

Ananya tries explaining her mother about where her happiness lies. Her mother also gets convinced and gives her nod to Ananya and Vanitha’s relationship. Arjun and Sayali decided to give their relationship a choice. All ends well for everyone.

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