Nivedita Basu: Melodies motivate me to perform better, I usually like listening to soft and soulful music

Those who follow Nivedita Basu on social media will know about her love for music. She is not just particular about the kind of music she listens to but when it comes to work involving music, she makes sure to bring out the best.

“Since my Balaji (Ekta Kapoor’s production house) days, title tracks of shows, popular songs used in different shows have all been overlooked by me. I’m somebody who thinks music and creates through music. Melodies motivate me to perform better. I usually like to listen to slow, soft and soulful music, like the compositions by Amit Trivedi, AR Rahman. I’m not too much into beats unless I am in a nightclub,” adds the writer-producer-director.

Her favourite singers are Rekha Bharadwaj, Rahman and Benny Dayal. “I also like KK, Arijit Singh, Prateek Kuhad… I like their voice and expression. I like both happy and sad songs. I used to have a lot of favourite sad songs, when I used to create music, because in my serials I used a lot of these songs. I remember using Badlapur, Cocktail songs, then I used to like even those sad songs in Karan Johar’s films,” she says, adding that she also likes the song Dil Ka Mizaaj Ishqiya from Dedh Ishqiya.

Talking about her favourite happy songs, she reveals, “Right now my happiness is also related to my child, so there are two songs which she enjoys. They are Ghungroo track from War and Meri Gully Mein from Gully Boy. I love these songs too because seeing my child happily dancing to these numbers makes me happy. I think she kind of likes raps. I have recorded many of her dance videos.”

Given that Bengalis are inclined towards art, Nivedita shares that she knows how to play the harmonium and keyboard. In school, she played piano and drums. In fact she was the best drummer of her school band.

“I used to be a school prefect and participated in every school function. I performed with the band and also took part in solo singing (both classical and western) competitions. I was a part of the choir. I was very much a part of all extra-curricular activities in school,” she says.

There was a time when music was only available on audio cassettes and CDs, but now any kind of music is just a click away. Thanks to all the technological advancement.

“I remember the days of cassettes because my grandfather used to have this recorder. Whenever we used to visit them in Vrindavan, we used to record songs, and play it to everyone. He has preserved all those records… When CDs came, I knew how to download and write CDs so that I have enough music to listen to when I am driving. And back in those days I was into peppy tracks. In those days getting the CD you wanted was like an achievement,” she recalls

Agreeing that music can change our mood, Nivedita says, “Music enhances my mood and makes me feel better. I have a good collection of different kinds of music in my house, many people have told me that they would like to steal my collection so I am guarding them with all my might (laughs).”