No Imlie replacement for Gashmeer??

Report by: Anil Merani| So it is finally confirmed that Gashmeer Mahajani will no longer be a part of the Star Plus show Imlie; the latest promo does not show him, so that part of the debate is sealed and delivered. There is still no clarity about the real reason as to why Gashmeer quit in the first place.

I dont fully buy the theory that he wanted to do other stuff and PH refused to play ball. This alone is not a deal-breaker. There might be more to this story; time will tell.

Now comes the equally important question of Gashmeer’s replacement. For a while, it appeared that Mansavi Vashisth( Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 fame) might be the new male lead; however, that idea seems dropped for now (nothing in tv is cast in iron, though)

. Looking at the promo, I am ready to hazard a guess that there might be no proper male lead.

. If creative were unsure who to cast as a new lead, the promo could have had a guy without a face.

Imlie is rating quite well, so bringing in a new male lead is always risky, but how do you take the story forward without romance.

One possible solution could be that there might be a love interest, but the story will not revolve around the couple hence promo-only showing Imlie! As a possible consequence, most members of the Tripathi family might slowly fade out as well

How will fans react to this new development will be interesting to watch? Can this be a ploy to bring back Gashmeer at a possible later stage?

We tried to get in touch with producer Gul Khan, female lead Sumbul Toqueer, and the Star Plus team but could not get through to them until putting this piece to bed.

Rest assured, we will update you with the latest development or official quote from anyone concerned as soon as we get them.