Noor plans against Shayra: Bahu Begum

Next in Bahu Begum will see Noor will put a condition in front of Shayra and will ask her to give Azaan in return.

Colors TV Bahu Begum will witness high voltage twist in the upcoming days.

It is seen in the serial emotional drama is high with the fire breakdown.

Azaan and Shayra get married and on the same day Noor and Faiz have to get married but one accident changed their life forever.

Fire breakout in their house and Noor’s mother Yasmin and would be husband Faiz died in that. Noor overhears Shayra’s talk when she was emotionally blackmailing herself for the mishap and confessing that she forgot to switch off the gas stove.

Noor blames Shayra and holds her responsible for the entire incident. Otherside, Suraiya is trying to benefit the situation and is provoking Noor against Shayra and Razia.

Now in the upcoming episode will see Noor will give two days’ time to Shayra and will ask her to give Azaan to her.

The makers of the show have released a shocking promo in which it is seen Noor makes a grave for herself. Shayra goes to stop Noor. Noor ask Shayra to get her marry to Azaan. Shayra stands shocked.

What Shayra will do next? How Azaan will react on Shayra’s demand. Do Razia will agree for the marriage and what lots more will happen in the show? Well, to know more keep watching Bahu Begum mon-fri on colors TV.

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