Noor to snatch Azaan from Shayra: Bahu Begum

Colors TV Bahu Begum will witness edge of the seat drama with Noor blaming shayra for her mother and Faiz death.

So far in the story, Azaan and Shyra get married to each other. On the same day Razia has fixed Noor and Faiz marriage too but just before her wedding, a fire breakdown at the house.

Everyone runs out except Noor, Yasmin and Faiz. Noor calls for help and Azaan goes for her rescue. Further, Noor gets shocked seeing Yasmin and Faiz’s dead body. She screams in pain.

Later, Razia and other members discuss and say someone has left gas stove open that’s why fire broke out. Shayra confesses that she was the one who landed out from the kitchen at last. Noor overhears her talk.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Noor will overhear Shayra’s talk, as she emotionally blames herself for the death of Yasmin and Faiz. Soon an inspector arrives to arrest Shayra. Azaan will ask who filed the complaint. Noor will tell him that she has filed the report against Shayra.

What Azaan will do next to save Shayra will be interesting to watch.

In the new promo of Bahu Begum it is seen, Noor blames Shayra for snatching her mother and would be husband. She says to Shayra that she was orphan and made her orphan too thus. Shayra cries. Noor blames Shayra and says she has to pay back for whatever she has done.

Check out the promo below!

It seems this incident will wind the trio together and it will be interesting to watch what Azaan will do. Do someone is behind all the mess and trapped Shayra or there is more twist in the story? Well, for all the answers keep watching Bahu Begum mon-fri on Colors TV.

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