Not Raghbir, new guy gives a helping hand to Pragati: Bepanah Pyaar

Drama to galore in Bepanah Pyaar with Pragati and Raghbir’s separation.

In the episodes so far, Raghbir decided to move on in his life with Pragati. Pragati too decides to start a fresh life with Raghbir but first she thinks to tell Raghbir that she is Bani.

Pragati imagines Raghbir’s reaction on learning her identity truth. She dreams Raghbir accepting her after knowing that she is Baani but Raghbir enters the room and drags Pragati out.

Pragati tries to tell Raghbir her truth but Raghbir himself tells to Pragati that he knows she is Bani. Pragati stands shocked and tries to clarify the misunderstanding but Ragbhir accuses Pragati for cheating him. He makes her recall how he was crying for Bani and wanted to end his life for her. He says why at that time when he was craving for Bani didn’t come to him and revealed her identity. Pragati tells to Ragbhir that she though he wanted to kill her. Raghbir gets more angry on Pragati and threatens her that now she will see his ‘Bepanah Nafrat’ for her.

Raghbir breaks all the ties with Pragati and throws her out from his life.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Raghbir will declare Pragati dead. Other side, new guy will enter Pragati’s life.

On being questioned about Pragati’s whereabouts, Raghbir declares that she is dead which leaves everyone in a state of shock. Meanwhile, few goons will tease Pragati and Pragati will be saved by an unknown person.

What new spicy turn Pragati’s life will take, will be interesting to watch. It seems love triangle track ahead in Bepanah Pyaar, how much excited you all are for the upcoming, shoot your views in comment section.

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