On World Television Day 2021 Producer- Herumb Khot and Nilanjana Purkayasstha’s popular show Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei Cast talk about what is the best thing about the industry!

Paridhi Sharma (Nupur Joshi)
The first thing is, the television industry is women-oriented. Most of the show’s central character is a female and the whole story is usually built around her. I think in this patriarchal society and Indian cinema male characters or heroes are worshipped whereas on the contrary in the television industry females are worshipped, they are considered to be an ideal persona, like Anupama is doing good, even the stories which I did like Jodha or Patiala babes or even in Chikoo, all the stories were about female fighting for a cause where initially she might be in weak but gradually she strengthens her character and persona and comes out with flying colors out as a strong character so yes this kind of stories are really appreciated.

On the practical ground, I feel our television industry is still quite organized compared to other entertainment industries, as a female artist it is still quite manageable to follow the system and there are fewer chances of getting trapped into any activities like casting couch because there are limited production houses and also are renowned ones whose offices are known by everyone. I have never faced any problem because I know that there are set production houses where I have to go and audition for any particular role and through auditioning I’ll get selected, so as an outsider in the entertainment industry I can still manage to get my foot in the industry so that kind of organized and systematic system which television industry has given a lot of leeway to outside industry people which is appreciable.

Himanshu Malhotra (Milind Joshi)
Television is a powerful platform, with a tremendous reach that provides opportunities to all. It brings together multiple people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds to showcase their talents. And I feel it is a great source to bring out topics be it women-centric, about kids or about any other topic. My show highlights the unique story of Chicku. The second thing which I love is how it reaches the audience & to their hearts. The viewers are the soul strength of television. The TV industry is like one big family which provides employment to lacs of people.

Dipali Pansare (Kamini Joshi)
There are so many good things about the television industry. Firstly it gives employment to 100s of people..in a city like Mumbai it’s difficult to survive. And this industry helps people earn their living even if they have missed out on formal education. Talent is always rewarded sooner or later.
Another good thing is as an actor we get good visibility. We are on TV screens six days a week..people connect with us. This connection gives us an opportunity to spread positivity across the nation.

Manav Verma (Subodh Joshi)
The Indian Television industry has evolved tremendously in the last decade, it’s a massive platform that has a far and wide reach. We are able to reach the homes of viewers across the nation and show viewers different concepts and cultures. For example, Someone sitting in the south today knows about Marathi culture by watching Chikoo ki mummy Durr ki and so on. Many people also recognize the massive employment that comes up as a result of our medium, it not only entertains people but provides many job opportunities that help directly with the growth of our economy.
As an actor, I think what the TV platform gives you is a brilliant opportunity to not only work with so many wonderful people but also just so many different ways to showcase our talent, whether it is the wide variety of daily serials, talent shows, reality shows, game shows … The list goes on and gives our audience a space to unwind from the daily humdrum of life. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Indian TV family.

Sujhata Thakkar (Saviitri Joshi)
On this day I would like to tell you that through Television as a medium we can reach out or be seen across the world, your voice, your thoughts, everything. There is no such place in the world where television has not reached, so that is one of the biggest pros which television offers.

Television is such a medium where there is entertainment, there is education, there is knowledge and there is news so if we look at it, it all type of information, you can learn, listen and watch so many things, and I feel that is a huge thing and very easy things are available so even the lives of people have become very easy and entertaining via television.