Once Upon A Small Town Episode 4 Written Update: Ji Hyul slowly starts falling for Jae Young.

The episode starts with Ji Hyul coming to clinic and finds the stray dog. When asked about it to his assistant she says that Jae Young took it for a walk. Jae Young comes there at the time with the dog and calls Ji Hyul to show something. She throws a ball and asks the dog to catch it but it doesn’t. Jae Young gets embarrassed. Ji Hyul smiles seeing her antics. Jae Young asks what would he do with the dog as its almost healed. Ji Hyul says that he would give it up for adoption. Jae Young requests him to let her adopt it as she already has experience in it. Ji Hyul agrees. Ji Hyul smiles seeing his assistant wearing the same flower which was had by Jae Young and smiles.

Jae Young makes a dog house for the dog and recalls Ji Hyul gifting her a pup called Cloud when they were young. Ji Hyul sees few police on his way and sub consciously checks for Jae Young. It turns out to be someone else when Jae Young comes out of a restaurant with her fellow officers. Jae Young gets a call about few teenagers smoking in their area and her senior officer sends her with Ji Hyul to resolve it. She says that she named the dog Nurungji. They discuss about friends and She teases him for not having friends. Ji Hyul says that he’s busy to have friends. They talk about Lee when he himself comes there. He gets jealous seeing them together and throws tantrums at Ji Hyul and left in his vehicle.


Jae Young rushes to Ji Hyul’s clinic searching Nurungji. She is panicking when Ji Hyul says that he would help her find him. They starts searching the whole village when finally he sees it running through forest. He with difficulty chases after him only to know that he has puppies with another adopted stray dog. The another dog attacks Ji Hyul but Jae Young saves him on time. He loses his contact lens in the process. They both try searching it but in vain. Young and Ji Hyul walk around when Ji Hyul says that she seems to be a very busy person. Jae Young says that she’s happy to be busy as she feels herself useful in that way. She says she considers the whole village her family and so won’t feel burdened.

Jae Young gets a call from women’s association head that her cow is going to deliver while they couldn’t find a pulley. Jae Young is worried about how he would treat without his lens. Jae Young goes to his house to get his glasses while Ji Hyul checks the cow. He finds the calf having very weak heart rate but it couldn’t come out as it got stuck in pelvic bone. He asks for rope while Jae Young brings his glasses. He uses the rope as puller to draw the calf and Jae Young helps him. Finally they manages to get the calf delivered. The lady praises both and arranges for a meal for them. Jae Young praises Ji Hyul for handling such difficult new situation so well.

At the lady’s party whole village is present and Ji Hyul gets surprised seeing it. They all sing song and enjoy. Lee joins Jae Young and Ji Hyul and keeps her away from him. They feed to Ji Hyul but he says that he don’t eat meat. Lee mocks him and gulps down the meat not leaving a Chace to put down Ji Hyul. Alcohol gets served and Lee again mocks Ji Hyul. Ji Hyul drinks just to prove him wrong while Everyone asks Jae Young to sing. Jae Young sings beautifully while Ji Hyul gets mesmerised. In order to ward off his feelings he immediately left the party and Jae Young joined him. Jae Young skips and falls on Ji Hyul while Ji Hyul’s bicycle falls in farm. Lee comes following them and taunts Ji Hyul angering him further. He left Jae Young with Lee only to get stopped hearing him confess to Jae Young.