#OverTheYears: What makes Surbhi Chandana STAND OUT?

Surbhi Chandana is a name that really is on everyone’s lips right now. Surbhi is one of the biggest shining stars of the TV industry right now. But what makes this gorgeous woman stand out among the flock of actors we see on TV?
For that, we might have to look at the work Surbhi has done over the years. Let’s have a look at that-

Qubool Hai

Before becoming the queen of Indian Television, Surbhi had a rather humble beginning. Surbhi played ‘Haya’ in the second season of ‘Qubool Hai’. With the kind of actor she is, a challenge had to be there for her to accept the role. And so, Haya was a girl who couldn’t hear and speak. Playing a deaf and dumb girl isn’t easy for anyone but Surbhi even with her little experience played her innocence, naive, loving self so endearingly that people fell in love with her. Surbhi managed to showcase the struggles of a deaf and a dumb person realistically on screen.


After playing the parallel lead in Qubool Hai, her big break came when she was chosen as ‘Anika’ for Star Plus’s ‘Ishqbaaz’. The show turned out to be a mega hit and so was Surbhi’s character. Her one-liners, her gibberish language everything just became a part of Ishqbaaz viewers’ vocabulary. Such was the impact she left with her performance. Anika where ok one hand was funny, weird, carefree with herself, she was responsible, sensitive and headstrong on the other hand too for her family. For 2.5 years Surbhi ruled hearts with Anika and when she left, it was like a soul leaving the body. Her impeccable comic timing, her range of emotions, her expressions eveything spoke volume about the spectacular acting talent she is.

Surbhi will be essaying the role of Dr. Ishani in the reboot of the cult classic of the same name, Sanjivani. It is expected to hit our TV screens soon. We cannot wait to see what does she have in store for us this time in termss of her character in the show. But what we are sure of is she is going to give her 100%. Recently a picture floated all around the internet where Surbhi is learning to behave like a real doctor from a professional doctor himself. Its impressive when an actor gives so much attention to his/her character in whom people invest so much of their emotions and times.

Makes the journey all the more fulfulling and worthwhile, both for the actor and fans!

Am I right or Am I right?

We think Surbhi’s commitment and hardwork is what makes her stand out among her contemporaries. We wish her all the best for her new show and all her future endeavours.