Pandian Store: Mulla seeks Jeeva’s help

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PandianStores is a famous Vijay Tv show. This show entertains the viewers every day with a lot of twists and turns in its storyline. Moorthy and Dhanam sacrifice a lot to raise their brothers Kathir, Jeeva, and Kannan. Kathir was ousted from Moorthy’s home. Now the serial concentrate on Land registration.

In the previous episode, A quarrel between Kathir and Murali. Kathir and Mulla explained the problem to the program coordinators. Moorthy failed to pick up Kathir’s call. Murali and his relatives planned to attack Kathir. Mulla overheard their conversation. Mulla is scared the worst when Murali plans to attack Kathir.

In today’s episode, Parvathy fails to convey the message to Moorthy. Moorthy gets disappointed as Kathir doesn’t come for land registration. Kathir and Mulla participate in the next round. Murali scares Kathir and Mulla when the in-charge announces the result. Janardhan visits Moorthy’s home to inquire about land registration.

Moorthy gets irritated when Janardhan blames Kathir. Mulla gets upset as she overhears a contestant’s plan to harm Kathir. She shares her woes with Kathir. Murali and the Goons get the chance to attack Kathir. Dhanam worries about Kathir and Mulla.

She asks Jeeva to inquire about Kathir and Mulla. The next day, Jeeva inquires Murugan and Parvathy about Kathir and Mulla. Jeeva learns about the contest from Parvathy. Jeeva tries to converse with Mulla. Mulla tells him about the dispute.

In the upcoming episode, Jeeva will inform Moorthy about Kathir’s problem. The goons will attack Kathir. Will the contestant attack Kathir? Will Kathir and Mulla win the competition?

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