Pandian Stores 12th July 2021 Written Update: Kathir’s win is celebrated

Pandian stores montage pic
Pandian stores montage pic

Pandian Stores 12th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Everyone enters inside the home after finishing the interview. Kathir’s mom stares him happily. Dhanam makes him sit there. Moorthy says to all the he didn’t expected this much happiness he will get in morning itself. Meena questions Mullai this why they used to go out from this house always giving lame excuses. She adds that one day she found +2 books in her room but she manages to lie with her that was neighbours’s son book. Dhanam nods and says even Kathir name was in it.

Mullai lied to them even that boy name is Kathir. Jeeva questions Kathir why didn’t he said this to them? Mullai tells him that he felt shy to share this to all. Moorthy feels that he scored 90% in three months. If he studied continuously then he would have been achieved something now. He done a mistake by not allowing him to study more. Kathir says that he hide it from all because of it. No one stopped him from studying but he took that decision. Dhanam says that they might forced him to study. Meena questions them whom decided to study first?

Kathir says that Mullai asked him to study. She questions her why did she take this decision? Kannan complaints that she used to tease him that Kathir didn’t studied that’s why. Mullai deny it reasoning Moorthy and Dhanam worried for him that’s why she asked him to study. Dhanam asks him to study further but he deny it reasoning he is happy with this result. Meena questions Jeeva doesn’t he finished polytechnic? Why don’t he study engineering? Moorthy says that both Kathir and Jeeva are equal to him. He will allow them to study well. Jeeva says that he don’t like it

Jeeva says that his aim is to buy a car. Meena sigh in disappointed. Dhanam gets up to take mobile in rush Mullai asks her to be careful. Kathir wishes to go to store. Dhanam asks him to sit there reasoning he done a big thing so everyone eyes are on him today. Meena complaints that they can send Kathir to college but don’t give pressure to Jeeva. Her mother in law says that she is talking like she has too much care on Jeeva. She says that if she don’t has care on him then whom has it? Dhanam says to her that Jeeva has head ache so go and prepare coffee to him. She makes faces Dhanam teases her.

Dhanam calls to Jaga and informs to him to watch Vijay TV at 4 pm. He questions her what’s the matter. She demands him to watch it. She then calls to Kaamatchi and informs this to her mom. Meena calls to Kalai and Informs this to her. She tells her that she is also in that interview so check it at evening. Kannan questions Mullai doesn’t she informs to anyone? She informs to her that she already informed this to her mom. They leaves to their stores. Dhanam decides to prepare Kathir’s favorite sweets.

Moorthy and his brothers are giving sweets to all for Kathir’s victory. Moorthy wears Garland on his neck. Kathir questions him why did he brought it? He tells him that he wishes to celebrate it. If he wear it then everyone can Identify him soon as the winner.

Kannan tells him that they will misunderstand he won it. Jeeva teases him that no chance. They starts distributing sweets to all and shares the incident to all. Kathir reaches to home. Dhanam tells him that she prepared many items for him. Meena questions him where are they? Is they sitting in stores to continue their work. He tells her that they went to distribute the sweets to all. Dhanam complaints to them that Kathir borned here but that neighbors said to her that she don’t know Kathir. Dhanam shares the news to all and asks them to watch Vijay TV. Dhanam says to them that Kathir become collector in Three years. Meena teases Dhanam and Mullai for praising him too much. Mullai leaves to bring the things to take Dhrishti to Kathir. She takes Dhrishti to him.

Episode end.