Pandian Stores 13th October 2020 Written Update: Jaga gets upset with Dhanam

Pandian Stores 13th October 2020 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Janardhan and sitting together and chatting about Meena.. Janardhan said that I decided not to send the Meena to that home.. she will stay her itself.. if Jeeva wants to see Meena, come here and see. Kalai said you are saying but Meena won’t accept that.. Janardhan said we have to force her to agree.. First of all we have to get the Meena’s Phone.. so that she won’t talk to that family.. Constantly video call with them.. we have to stop that first..

If they talk like this Meena will go there… I am lot of ideas… I will execute everything one by one..  My daughter and granddaughter have to stay here.. what that I will go to any extend… Kalai tries to convince him.. but he asked her to be quietly..

On the other side, Kathir is searching something in the room.. Mulla enters into the room… she asks what are you searching here.. Kathir said I am searching towel.. Mulla asked how they allow you inside… Kathir said they won’t allow me easily… Mulla said this will end tomorrow.. Kathir said after two years we tries to stay together but the situations stop us…

Mulla said this is a punishment.. Kathir said we don’t except the transform bust, second day fight, third day you locked in the shop.. Fourth day your mother stopped us. Mulla said tomorrow the ritual will end.. Kathir said someone will stop us also tomorrow.. Suddenly.. Kasthuri intervenes and asked him how long you are searching towel..

Kasthuri searched the towel and gave it to him.. Kathir went out of the room. Mulla scold Kasthuri by saying why are you teased him..  why are you urged him to go out.. Kasthuri said your mother asked to supervise you.. Later, she slept in her bed..  Mulla urged her to eat dinner.. Kasthuri said I will come later..

In the hall, Moorthy, Dhanam, are sitting and chatting.. Kasthuri sit next to Dhanam.. Moorthy asked Dhanam did you inform to your brother about rituals. Dhanam said no.. Kasthuri urged her to call Jaga. Dhanam phones Jaga.. Jaga pick up the call.. Dhanam inform to Jaga.. Jaga get upset with Dhanam and said I won’t come.. Dhanam urged him… but he said you think for others… you won’t think of you… why should I attend… and ends the call.. Dhanam became upset.. Kasthuri screams by saying why not  you think of your life…

Kathir is sitting outside.. Mulla came and sit next to me.. at that moment Senthil phone to Kathir and break a news to Kathir  and makes a request to him.. Kathir agrees and said to Mulla. Mulla said I also come with you.. he agrees..

Dhanam arranging the clothes.. Jeeva talking with Meena in the phone.. Jeeva asked Meena shall I give to Dhanam. Later, Meena talk to Dhanam. Dhanam inform to her that we are going to temple tomorrow.. At the moment baby cries.. Dhanam asked her to look at baby.. she ends the call

with the episode ends..