Pandian Stores 14th July 2021 Written Update: Kathir thanks Mullai

Pandian stores montage pic
Pandian stores montage pic

Pandian Stores 14th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhanam is checking Kayal photo. Jega and Kasthoori visits her and enquires about her health. He enquires about Kathir Dhanam complaints that he didn’t came to see her but Kathir. Mullai asks to Kasthoori Is she saw the interview? She teases her by saying she didn’t. Jega reveals the truth to her. Dhanam praises Kathir’s effort. Dhanam asks Mullai to call Kathir to come here. Mullai nods and questions Kasthoori Will she tease her husband again as uneducated? She nods negatively. Dhanam questions Jega what did mom said? He says to her she was so happy. Kasthoori praises Mullai. Kathir comes there and greets Jega. He appreciates her work. He says that he had so much brain. Kasthoori complaints to them that they didn’t Informed to her about the interview then she would have come her to give pose.

Dhanam tells her that she has no idea. Jega asks Kathir to become a doctor. Then no one wanna go out to get a treatment. Kasthoori tells to Mullai Kathie praised her in whole video. Dhanam says to her she was the one helped him and made him wrote the exam. Jega comments wife should be like Mullai. Kasthoori questions Dhanam what a his qualification. Dhanam answers to her he studied 9th standard 4 years. Kasthoori teases him and says she will make him write 5th year. Jega asks her to stop teasing him. Moorthy serves food to all and asks them to eat stomach full. Dhanam asks him to don’t force them to eat. Moorthy says to her that he know well about his brother. Kannan asks him to gift him touch phone to him instead of torturing him to eat.

Moorthy says to him he will give everything to him. He asks Kathir to ask him what’s he need? Is he need that touch phone? Meena asks him to enquire about it’s rate before giving words. He enquires to Kannan about it’s rate. He says to him its 1 lakh rupees. Moorthy and Kathir gets shock to hear it. Meena teases him that Kathir gonna take list of food items in that phone too. Kathir agrees with her. Jeeva tells him its just for show off nothing else. Moorthy says to him he will buy something else for him. Kathir deny it. Dhanam asks him to ask to Moorthy now or else he won’t buy anything for him.

Kathir says to him that their happiness is important to him. Moorthy stands adamant to buy things for him. All are giving pressure to him but he refuses to get things from him. Moorthy shares his happiness with him and praises him. Kathir leaves from there in shy. Moorthy complaints that he is not asking anything. Meena asks him to buy car for him. Kannan asks him to buy Bullet for Kathir. Moorthy suggests to buy watch for him but Mullai asks him to buy a good phone for him. Jeeva appreciate her idea.

Mullai asks Kathir to get up and takes dhrishti of him. He holds her hand and says that all appreciation is belongs to her. She says to him he studied a lot and achieved it. Kathir says that she is the reason for his success. All are happy here. Kathir hugs Mullai and turns to be emotional. Mullai asks him to stop crying. Kathir says to her that he was very rough and tough person. He used to don’t smile before she was the one changed him. She made this happened. He gives all the credits to Mullai. He questions her how comes she believed in him and changed him? How comes its possible? It’s all because of her.

Mullai turns emotional and hugs him. She asks him to be happy and enjoy this moment. Kathir asks her to stay with him always. She questions him where will she go? He says to her that he will achieve everything if she is with him. Jeeva is smiling alone. Meena asks him to stop smiling. Jeeva says to her that Kathir has so much hidden talent. Meena says to him that she already find out they are going somewhere else. Jeeva shares his happiness to Meena. Jeeva says to her that he wanna gift him something. Meena says to him he needs money to buy it all. Jeeva leaves from there.

Episode end.