Pandian Stores 15th October 2020 Written Update: Kamakshi creates a scene

Pandian Stores 15th October 2020 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Kathir arrives at the marriage place of Mahesh… Mahesh become afraid.. Kathir console Mahesh by saying I am here for you…. The priest asked Mahesh to come and sit… Kathir asked Mahesh to go and sit… The latter, Senthil become afraid… and laments by saying if someone comes… the marriage will spoil…. Kathir said I’m there for you don’t worry… no one will stop this marriage..

The priest chant too many mantras.. Mahesh looked at Senthil and said I am the only son to my mother… if she know.. she feels bad… Kathir said after marriage go and meet her… she will accept you…

The latter, Mahesh marries the love of his life with Kathir and Senthil’s help… The marriage went well… Senthil offer a sweet to the couple and said this is my gift for your marriage…  Senthil teased them.. Later, all together took selfie..

On the other side in the temple… Dhanam and Mulla finished the pongal.. the latter, all went into the temple to do puja.. The priest prays the god… All prays to the god…. Moorthy asked them to sit in one place… Dhanam distribute the pongal to everyone… Kannan appreciate the pongal and asked Dhanam after also the same pongal… Dhanam said no…. the chef is preparing a food at the back of the temple… Kannan asked what lunch..

Moorthy said Mutton… I order for one full mutton.. Kannan become happy… Kathir mock at him… All laugh… except Kamashi… Dhanam noticed her… She came near Kamashi and urged her to eat… but she refused… Moorthy said I will go and check the food… Kathir also go along with him.. Later, Kasthuri said I go and visit the cooking place.. Kannan also go along with her..

Moorthy asked why you don’t sit there… Kathir said all are ready to create fight… so I am afraid of that.. so that I came with you.. Moorthy laughs…Kathir looked at Mahesh… Moorthy asked him what are you looking for.  Kathir said nothing… and asked him where are you going..

Moorthy said I am going to visit the Priest… Kathir said I saw him in this side… Moorthy said I saw him in this side… Mahesh is standing on that way.. Kathir tries to stop Moorthy.. Later, Mahesh went off from the place. Kathir said you are right he is in this side…

The latter, Moorthy met Senthil and Mahesh’ wife.. Moorthy enquire about him and asked who is this? Kathir said that she is her sister.. She gets blessing from Moorthy…

On the other side, Lakshmi asked Kamashi what happen why are looking sad… tell me.. Murugan also asked her… Kamashi said I have lot of problem… Lakshmi urged her to tell… Kamashi became tensed and said I am happy about Meena baby shower function.. I have also some desire… Dhanam asked her mother to stop… Kasthuri intervenes and said this many days we be quiet…  All other stares blankly.. Dhanam asked Kamashi to go home..

with this the episode ends..