Pandian Stores 1st December 2020 Written Update: Meena phone Kalai

Pandian Stores 1st December 2020 Written Update on

Rohan tells Chinu not to feel awkward as if they weren’t close before, she says they are in this situation because of him and goes away.

Vasu comes to Akshay’s office, she talks to Kaku, she praises Kaku for designing nicely, she tells Kaku to design for Chinu’s assignment as well. Kaku asks why is she doing this, she knows Meenu loves Akshay and Chinu loves Rohan. She always wanted to become their mother, its right chance for her to give love to her daughters. Vasu says she is wife before mother, her first duty is towards her husband. She remembers Murthy’s slap and leaves.

Rohan sees a drunk man going towards tea stall where Chinu sat. Drunk man sits beside Chinu making her uncomfortable. He intimidates her. Chinu says her husband is here, Rohan comes and hugs her calling her baby. Mechanic comes and repairs scooty. Rohan, Chinu go.

Akshay tells Fawad to find where Kesar is, Fawad says he talked to them, even they don’t know where they are, language barrier. Akshay scolds everyone are doing drama.

Rohan, Chinu receive Kesar, she greets them in Gujarati. Rohan tells Chinu to do as they say, otherwise they will go back to Bhuj. Chinu touches Kesar ba feet to take blessings. Kesar praises her to be beautiful. Kesar calls Kaku and they talk in Gujarati, Rohan asks Kaku about his phone, she tells she took it, she found it on road near car. He says they faced a lot of trouble with no phones.

Kesar gives Chinu a drink, Akshay sees alcohol was mixed in it. Rohan makes Chinu wear bangle. Kesar puts chunri on Chinu. They all do garba dance around fire. Chinu remembers steps taught by Kaku. Rohan lovingly looks at Chinu dancing happily.

 After dance, Chinu sits and Rohan asks her not to sleep, he will bring water. Akshay gives her water, he heard Kaku talking to Kesar about dropping at a Dhaba. A lady asks who is he, Kesar says he is Chinu’s brother. Rohan silently laughs. Akshay says he and Chinu are getting engaged. Its his company project which they all are going to work.

 Drivers pick up their luggage, Akshay says he will drop all of them. Akshay asks Kesar to sit in other car, she says she will sit with Chinu. Chinu asks Rohan to come with her. Chinu sits in between of Rohan and Akshay. Akshay makes her sleep on his shoulder, but she feels uncomfortable and leans on Rohan. Kesar silently laughs and passes pillow to Akshay, he takes it grumpily.

Murthy asks Kaku if she thinks she can fight him in his city. He knows her drama of Kesar. Akshay and Chinu engagement is in 14 days but its preponed now, engagement is in 3 days.