Pandian Stores 1st March 2021 Written Update: Meena Irks Mulla

Pandian Stores 1st March 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Moorthy is giving money to Kathir and Jeeva. Kathir and Jeeva question Moorthy why this money. Moorthy says this is for your family needs. Kathir and Jeeva hesitate to accept the money offered by Moorthy. Kathir says we no need. Moorthy tells them to give this money to their wife. Moorthy says now family becomes big, they have basic needs.

Kathir says we have no needs. We don’t want this money and return the money to Moorthy. Moorthy tells them to give it to their wife. He says they will buy whatever they want. Jeeva blames Meena for this money. Moorthy tells Jeeva that don’t say her like this, she speaks openly, nothing wrong with that.

Moorthy says I have told you many times to take money for your need, but you will not take it. Kathir and Jeeva hesitantly accept the money offered by Moorthy. Moorthy tells them to keep it inside and go to the shop.

Dhanam chops vegetables. Mulla is sitting there thinking of something. Meena questions Mulla about something. Mulla is in deep thinking. she didn’t answer. Dhanam calls Mulla. Dhanam asks Mulla what is going on. Meena says Mulla will not talk to me. Dhanam asks Mulla what happened between you and Meena. Mulla tells Dhanam you don’t know what happened. Meena says I spoke wrongly, I will not talk like this anymore.

Kathir and Jeeva come from a shop. Mulla gives the money to Mulla. Jeeva gives the money to Meena. Mulla asks why this money. Dhanam says this is for your needs. Mulla refuses. Dhanam asks her to keep it. Kathir says Moorthy asks to give it. Meena is happy.

Mulla asks Kathir if you want coffee. Kathir didn’t answer. Kathir in a fit of rage. He informs Dhanam and goes to the shop. Mulla gets upset. Dhanam asks Jeeva if you want coffee. Meena intervenes and asks Jeeva if you want lemon juice. Jeeva agrees with Meena. Meena looks at Dhanam. Dhanam tells Meena to prepare the juice.

The latter, Dhanam tells Kannan to buy some items. Kannan writes the list of what to buy. Dhanam says the items one by one. Kannan says you will find fault with whatever I buy, I will not go. Dhanam tells Mulla to buy. Mulla agrees. Dhanam asks her to buy a new mat, vegetables, fruits, sandalwood powder, rose water. Meena comes from the room. Dhanam asks Meena you want anything. Meena says diaper. Dhanam says we mention this already.

Meena tells Mulla to buy a powder. Mulla noted. Meena asks Mulla to buy a washing soap for Kayal. later, she says I will come with you. Dhanam tells Mulla and Meena to go to the shop. Dhanam pays four thousand rupees to Mulla. Dhanam says Lakshmi nowadays expenditure is a lot. Meena says I didn’t ask too much. Dhanam says I didn’t tell you anything.

Mulla and Meena go shopping. Meena buys unnecessary things. Mulla gets annoyed with Meena’s shopping spree.

with this, the episode ends.