Pandian Stores 1st October 2020 Written Update: Couples arrives at their relative’s function

Pandian Stores 1st October 2020 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Kathir opens up to Mulla about his feelings for her. Later, they get ready for shopping…  All dressed up nicely and vacate the room.. Padma insists Kathir to sit front… but Kathir refused and said I will sit with Mulla.. Mulla became happy after his speech.. Further, Kathir said Mulla feels like vomiting so I sit with her.. Padma agrees and asked him to sit..

All went into the Mall.. Padma take Mulla to the shop… Senthil and Kathir stand outside the shop and chatting.. Padma asked Mulla what type of dress you want to buy.. Mulla said lehenga or silk skirt top..

Padma asked the sales girl to show nice color lehenga… Senthil and Kathir enter into the shop.. Mulla asked Kathir is this good? Kathir said it’s good and it will suits her.. Later Kathir asked her to buy some clothes for Dhanam, Meena, Lakshmi, newborn baby and you.. Mulla refused.. Kathir urged Mulla to buy saree for her..

Later, she agrees.. Both went to Saree section.. Mulla brought saree for her.. and Kathir asked her to buy one saree for Padma.. Mulla looked at Padma and said to Kathir that they are selection something… so we play for that.. Kathir agrees.. and paid the bill and left the shop..

Mulla asked Senthil to show Men’s clothing Store.. Senthil take everyone to Men’s clothing store… Mulla asked to show shirts to the sale man.. Kathir looked at the shirt and said it’s too costly.. Senthil mock at Kathir and said this is normal.. Mulla showed some shirts and asked him do you like this… He said all shirts are good.. its suits Kannan..  Mulla said this one for your.. Kathir refused.. Mulla insist him to buy.. but he won’t listen her.. Mulla urged him many times.. and said I have money shall I pay.. but he refused..

Mulla worriedly went out of the clothing store.. Later, she challenged him I will brought this shirt and gave it to you by today.. Kathir accept her challenge and left the shop..

On the other side Kasthuri take care of Lakshmi.. Jeeva arrives and asked Lakshmi you want to go to toilet.. Lakshmi said yes I want to go.. Kasthuri asked her why don’t you inform to me.. I am here… later, she take her to toilet.. and came back and said how Dhanam is lifting you to toilet.. my hands are paining.. Jeeva looked at her and said so that I came here to help.. now you are telling like this.. Kasthuri said I am not telling anything wrong.. I am just asking how this Dhanam doing everyday..

All went to function.. Kathir’s sister enquire about everyone.. Later, Kathir and Mulla went inside and visit Papaa.. then the function starts.. Mulla and Kathir together blessed Papaa.. and offers dress for her.. She dressed up and came the rituals starts with Kathir and Mulla blessings..   

Padma feels tried so went and sit inside the room.. Suddenly Kathir received a call so he went outside and spoke.. At the time, Mulla come to the room and inform to Padma that I am going to buy shirt for Kathir and left.. but Padma wear headset in the ears..

With this the episode ends………..