Pandian Stores 21st April 2021 Written Update: Jeeva’s brilliant idea

Pandian stores montage pic
Pandian stores montage pic

Pandian Stores 21st April 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Kannan returns home from college with Aishwarya. On the way home, Someone beats his wife on the roadside. The villagers watch the fight. Aishwarya notices the fight and tells Kannan to stop his scooter. Kannan stops his scooter. Aishwarya gets furious after seeing the fight. She goes and holds his hand tightly, he screams out of pain. He yells. His wife speaks in support of her husband. Kannan calls Aishwarya to come back. Aishwarya says I will take you to the police station. Kannan comforts Aishwarya and takes her away from the spot.

Kumarasen and Kathir take care of the Pandian stores. Jeeva comes with a bundle to the shop. Kathir questions about the bundle to the Jeeva. Jeeva shows the coupons to Kathir. Kumarasen says it is useless. Kathir says this will pay off. Kumarasen asks to whom you are going to
give these coupons. Jeeva says to the customers. Kumarasen asks if you are going to give these coupons to everyone.

Jeeva says we are going to give this coupon to buyers above Rs.500. At that point, Dhanam and Mulla visit the store. Kumarasen is happy to see Dhanam. Jeeva asks Dhanam why you came here. Dhanam says I came here to take care at the shop when you go for doorstep delivery. Kumarasen says to Dhanam that I will resign from my job after your delivery, I will spend the rest of the time with your baby. Dhanam looks around the shop.

Kathir tells her to sit in the owner’s seat. Dhanam sits in the owner’s seat. Dhanam notices the coupons. Dhanam and Jeeva decide to distribute the coupons. At that point, a customer purchased goods for 480 rupees. Dhanam informs him about the
coupon. He refuses. Dhanam tells him to buy something else for twenty rupees. Dhanam convinces the customer. The customer purchased the products for 500 rupees in the Pandian store. Dhanam fills the coupon and distributes it to the customer. Jeeva and Kathir appreciate Dhanam.

Kathir goes for doorstep delivery. Mulla, Kumarasen, Jeeva are taking care of the store. A customer purchased goods for 420 rupees. Dhanam informs her about the coupon and tells her to buy something else for 80 rupees. Dhanam distributes the coupon. Later, The family sits together. Jeeva says that the villagers are not aware of the coupon. Kathir says we have to advertise so that it will reach the villagers. The family thinks of an idea. Mulla asks what is going to give for the coupon. Moorthy says we can give rice or lentils. Dhanam refuses. Kannan tells them to give a scooter. The family mocks at Kannan.

Kathir and Jeeva thinking about advertising. The next day, Jeeva notices the advertisement by auto. Jeeva shares this idea with the family. The family approved Jeeva’s idea. Moorthy asks if this message will reach the villagers. Dhanam tells him to believe. The family spends quality time together.

with this, the episode ends.