Pandian Stores 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Meena taunts Janardhan while campaigning

Pandian stores montage pic
Pandian stores montage pic

Pandian Stores 23rd April 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Moorthy and Dhanam lash out at Mulla for campaigning. Meena and Kathir talk in favor of Mulla. Dhanam asks Kathir why don’t you inform before. Meena intervenes and says that Jeeva and I are going to campaign. Dhanam tells her not to go. Meena says I would like to contribute something to the Pandian shop. Dhanam tells Meena not to go for the campaign. Meena is stubborn with her decision. Meena informs the family and goes for the campaign with Jeeva.

Meena tells Dhanam to take care of Kayal. Dhanam is in a fit of rage with Meena. Mulla says I will take of Kayal. Jeeva and Meena go for a campaign. Meena hesitates to talk. Jeeva motivates Meena. Meena and Jeeva take up the campaigning. She advertises the coupon to the villagers. The villagers are listening to the announcement. Jeeva and Meena are campaigning all over the village. Meena tells villagers to buy goods at the Pandian store.

Later, The auto goes through the Meenakshi supermarket. Jeeva instructs Automan to go fast in the road. Meena instructs Automan to stop in front of the Meenakshi supermarket. He stops the auto in front of Meenakshi supermarket. Meena gets down from the auto and does the campaign for Pandian stores. Jeeva tells her not to talk in front of Janardhan. Meena talks in favor of Pandian stores.

Janardhan and His manager are in Meenakshi supermarket. Meena campaigns aloud. Janardhan’s manager comes out to see what is happening. Meena campaign that there are no quality products in Meenakshi supermarkets so that Janardhan giving compliments to the products. Janardhan comes out to see what is happening. Meena taunts Janardhan while campaigning. Meena insults Meenakshi supermarket in front of Janardhan.

Jeeva urges Meena to come. Both leave the spot. Mulla is taking care of the Pandian store. Moorthy arranges the products for doorstep delivery. Jeeva and Meena return to the shop after the campaign. Jeeva shares about Meena’s campaign with Moorthy and Mulla. Moorthy tells Meena that if your father sees your campaign, he will scold you. Meena and Jeeva look at each other and laughs. Mulla asks Jeeva what happened. Jeeva shares Meena’s taunts at Meenakshi supermarket with Moorthy and Mulla.

Meena visits Pandian stores the first time. She looks around the store. Moorthy and Jeeva go for doorstep delivery. Mulla and Mulla take care of the Pandian store. Later, Moorthy says we are getting more orders, we don’t have a person to deliver the goods. Moorthy praises Kathir’s doorstep delivery idea to Mulla.

Moorthy and his brothers return home from the shop. The family sits together and spends quality time together. Moorthy praises Kathir, Mulla, Jeeva, Meena for making the plan a big success. Moorthy is on cloud nine. Mulla invites the family to eat. Moorthy is excited about his business runaway hit. Moorthy thanks his brothers for his business success. Moorthy praises Kathir and his idea.

with this, the episode ends.