Pandian Stores 26th September 2020 Written Update: Moorthy advises Kannan

Pandian Stores 26th September 2020 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Moorthy advises Kannan. Kannan listened him and crack joke.. Both laughed..  Moorthy asked Kannan had your lunch.. Kannan showed a hand in front of Moorthy and asked him to smell.. Moorthy refuse…

 Later, Kannan said I ate biryani… Moorthy said I ate sambar rice… who gave this biryani… Kannan said I received this biryani from Mehr home.. they gave me a lot only for me..  Moorthy scold him..  and advises him to be mindful about his feelings towards Mehr.

Kannan, Senthil, Mulla, Padama are sitting together and chatting in the terrace.. Mulla received a phone call from Kannan.. and enquire about the journey and Karthir.. Padma asked Mulla love story..  Mulla said firstly I hate him but later I started to love him.. he loved a lot but he don’t know to express it..  and said this was my first trip after our marriage.. he take care me like a child..  and smiles..

The latter, Padama asked Karthir do you like Mulla… he said I loved her… Later they get down… Padma urge Karthir and Mulla to go and sleep in their room.. Both went into the room and looked at each other.. Mulla mock at Karthir..

Then both sleep together… Mulla constantly looked at Karthir..  Suddenly power cut.. Both wake up and went out and sit together with Padma and Senthil..  They decided to sleep in the hall.. All together slept in the hall.

Mulla wake up Karthir. Mulla offers coffee for everyone…  All appreciated Mulla… and decided to go to the beach resort.. Karthir refuse and said we have lot of work… Senthil said I got appointment on Saturday…

Karthir said I have to go to my own town by Saturday… Later, Mulla convinced him. Karthir agrees…. Senthil makes a plan to go to the beach resort with Karthir and Mulla.

Lakshmi expresses his loneliness to Kannan.. Suddenly Mehr arrives to the home and search Dhanam.. Lakshmi enquire about Mehr and her family..  Lakshmi asked her to sit.. Mehr looked at their house.. and said I liked your home..

 Kannan said you can come to our house often if you like…  she went.. Kannan looked at her continually.. Lakshmi noticed him and said close the teeth..

Karthir, Mulla, Padma, Senthil are sitting together and chatting about Chennai lifestyle… 

In the hospital Janardhan and his wife sitting outside.. Suddenly Jeeva brought food for Janardhan and his wife… Kalai asked Jeeva why you are bringing food for every day. Jeeva said Dhanam prepared food along with us.. Later, he enquire about Meena..

Jananrdhan said I talked to Meena but they won’t show the child.. Kalai said I saw the child… she is good now and she gain weight.. Jeeva became happy… Kalai said Meena will discharge in two or three days.. Jeeva said if she discharge I will come to your home often and see Meena and my daughter..

Jeeva asked them to go and eat.. Janardhan said if you have any work go I will take care.. Jeeva said I feel lonely if I stay here I feel like I am with Meena..

With this the episode ends..