Pandian Stores 28th September 2020 Written Update: Senthil questions Karthir

Pandian Stores 28th September 2020 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Padma, Senthil, Mulla, Karthir arrives to a resort..  Padma asked Mulla did you came here. Mulla said no…. Later, she asked to Karthir .. he said when I was small I came with Moorthy brother..

 All together enter into the resort…  Mulla looked at the place and admire…  both walked together..  All stand near the balloon shooting shop.. Mulla like to shoot the balloon but she won’t shoot any balloon then Karthir shoot the ballon.. Later, he teach Mulla… both together shoot the balloon. Mulla became overjoyed..

Senthil questions Karthir but he won’t reply properly.. Padma and Mulla sitting together and chatting…Mulla said I see him happily only after coming to Chennai.. Senthil questions Karthir about his plans of having a baby.. Karthir said we are now talking to each other after two years of marriage..

Senthil asked What have you been doing for two years.. Karthir said this two years we fight a lot and misunderstood each… and I think whether I am the right person for her..   Later, Senthil asked this question to Mulla.. Mulla said now only we both talking more.. and understand each other… Senthil asked Karthir to buy a new mobile..

Mulla urge Karthir for horse toy ride.. All went into the horse toy ride.. Mulla became overjoyed… Later, all together sitting and chatting in the lawn.. Padma showed the Mulla and Karthir photos of horse ride and balloon shooting of Mulla.. Mulla became happy and asked Karthir to see… and said the photos are so good.. we will frame this and kept in our room..Karthir agrees..

Kannan and Jeeva sitting in shop..  Kannan asked Jeeva if you go to hospital take me with you when you go.. and said I want to see your daughter.. Jeeva said they won’t allow anyone to see. Within two or three days they will discharge Meena.. later you will see..

Kannan said if child comes I won’t take care this shop I will constantly play with the child.. Jeeva said Meena will go their home.. Kannan became upset.. Jeeva said if you want to see go to Meena’s home and see…  Kannan became happy..

Moorthy and Dhanam brought food for Janardhan and Kalai.. Dhanam gave the food to Kalai and asked them to eat.. Dhanam eagerly waiting to see Meena’s daughter..

Padma feels bored so Mulla and Padma came out and eat popcorn during that Padma teased two boys who are standing in front of them.. Mulla asked her to stop but she won’t listen and teased.. The two boys came near them and scold.. and went.. Later, Padma plays a prank on Senthil and Karthir of being eve teased by a few men.. Senthil won’t believe her… but Karthir went angrily.. 

Karthir enquire that boys later he tries to beat him.. Senthil and Mulla stopped him and said She lied.. Mulla thought of the police station scenes and worried a lot.. Karthir convince her.. Senthil scold Padma later all went into their rooms..

Janardhan asked her wife to talk to Doctor about the Meena discharge.. and said if we take Meena to our home we feels better.. and decided to kept Meena in their home permanently.

with this the episode ends…