Pandian Stores 29th September 2020 Written Update: Padma creates a scene

Pandian Stores 29th September 2020 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Mulla, Kathir, Senthil, Padma sitting near the champ fire and chatting.. Mulla talking about the climate and the surroundings.. Padma scold her and asked her to speak romantically to Kathir..

Mulla replies all are sitting here how we can speak romantically… Padma mock at Mulla.. Later, Padma asked them to talk romantically and they left..  Kathir looked at Mulla romantically and asked her to come near him.. Later, Kathir hold Mulla hand.. both spend some quality time. Mulla became overjoyed and mock at Kathir..

The latter, Mulla lay in his shoulder.. and cries ..Kathir convince her.. Padma and Senthil took selfies.. Then Padma noticed Mulla and Kathir sitting together…and became happy.. Kathir and Mulla’s intimate moments..

Later, they arrived to hotel.. Padma appreciate Senthil..  Senthil went and get the room keys.. Padma asked Kathir and Mulla to enjoy.. Kathir asked Senthil shall we sleep together in one room.. we meet after a longtime so we will talk and sleep.. and asked Padma and Mulla sleep together..  Senthil and Padma became tensed and insist him to sleep with Mulla.. Mulla became tensed and shouted him to sleep alone..

Padma and Senthil went to their room.. Mulla became furious and went into room.. and laments by saying why he is avoiding me.. he liked me or not?   After a while Kathir enters in to the room..  Mulla thrown a pillow towards him.. and asked him to sleep in the mat.. Kathir asked Mulla why are you anger.. Mulla became tensed and scold him..

The latter, Kathir came near Mulla and sit next to Mulla.. Mulla became speechless.. Kathir stares Mulla romantically.. both spend some quality time.. Suddenly they heard a Padma noise Kathir and Mulla went out of the room.. and enquire..

There is quarrel between Padma and Senthil..  Kathir enquire what happen why are crying Padma. Padma creates a scene when Senthil mocks her father.. Kathir and Mulla convince her by she won’t listen them.. she constantly scold Senthil..

Senthil became tensed and going to beat her.. Mulla and Kathir stopped them.. Padma take Mulla to their room and close the door.. Later, Senthil and Kathir in one room..  Senthil drank alcohol and laments to Kathir about Padma..  Senthil pours out his heart to Kathir. Kathir calmed him and asked him to sleep..but he won’t listen him.. He constantly laments.

On the other side Padma constantly laments to Mulla.. Mulla tries to convince her.. She won’t listen her.. She pours out his feelings to Mulla.. And said I will sleep with you… Mulla convince her and asked her to go to Senthil room.. But she refused and slept with Mulla.

Mulla scold Padma in her mind voice.. Later, Mulla tries to get up from the bed.. On the other side, Senthil constantly laments about Padma and asked Kathir to live together with Mulla..

Later, Kathir went out the room…

With this the episode ends..