Pandian Stores 31st March 2021 Written Update: Aishwarya poses a puzzling question to Kannan.

Pandian Stores 31st March 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Mulla request Kathir to get his certificate from the school. Kathir refuses. Mulla urges Kathir. Kathir says there is no one in the store. Mulla says Jeeva will take care of the store. Mulla urges Kathir. Kathir asks Mulla why will inform to family.

Mulla says don’t worry about that and come out of the room. Moorthy and Dhanam sitting in the hall. Mulla informs Dhanam that I am going to visit Parvathy. Dhanam allows her to go. Kathir reminds quietly.

Mulla says I go with Kathir. Kathir says there is no one in the shop. Moorthy tells Kathir to go with Kathir. Mulla becomes overjoy and gets the purse from the room. Kathir and Mulla come to Kathir’s school to get the certificates.

Kathir recalling the old memories. Kathir shows the tenth standard classroom to Mulla. Kathir becomes overjoy after seeing his school. Kathir looks at the corridor and says to Mulla that I played here with my friend Senthil. Kathir looks around the school with Mulla. Kathir shows the stage to Mulla and says that I was praised for a good mark in the tenth standard. Kathir says it was my last day of school.

Kathir pours out to Mulla. Mulla listens to Kathir. Kathir says there was no one from the family to see this when I got the prize. Kathir says Moorthy had an accident. He was hospitalized. The family was in the hospital. Kathir says when I returned home. Moorthy was bedridden there was no one else to take care of the store, I took care of the shop.

Kathir pours out his grief to Mulla. Kathir gets emotional when he shares his grief with Mulla. Kathir meets his Science teacher. Kathir’s teacher inquires Kathir. Mulla intervenes and says due to a family situation he was unable to continue his studies so he likes to study. Kathir’s teacher motivates Kathir to pursue his educational dreams. On the other side, in college Kannan and Aishwarya spend quality time together. Aishwarya says to Kannan that nowadays I spend more time with you. Aishwarya says Kannan that when I with you I forgot my problems. Aishwarya says I don’t like to go home. Kannan invites Aishwarya to his home. Kannan inquires Aishwarya about Kasthuri.

Aishwarya says to Kannan that I don’t like to go home. Kannan tells her to stay in his home. Aishwarya tells Kannan to call properly I will come with you. Aishwarya poses puzzling questions to Kannan. Kannan confuses a lot. Mulla and Kathir get certificates and return home. On the way, Mulla tells Kathir to stop the bike. Mulla says we are going to the tutorial. Kathir refuses and says there is no one else to take care of the store. Mulla urges Kathir and takes him to the tutorial. Kathir feels shy. Mulla and Kathir visit the tutorial. The in-charge instructs to come to the tutorial four days a week. Kathir comes out of the tutorial.

with this, the episode ends…