Pandian Stores 3rd October 2020 Written Update: Senthil and Kathir check the CCTV footage

Pandian Stores 3rd October 2020 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Kathir and Senthil reached Mall and search everywhere Mulla.. One Security enquire them.. Senthil and Kathir said we have to search Mulla. Security won’t allow them to search..

On the other side in home Moorthy arrives to home and enquire Jeeva why are you spoke nervously? Jeeva became quiet.. Kannan said Mulla is missing.. Moorthy became nervous and asked him once again.. Kasthuri said Kathir lost Mulla somewhere..

At that moment Parvathy and Murugan arrives to Moorthy home.. Parvathy enquire Moorthy about Mulla missing.. Moorthy said just now I received this news.. I will call and ask Kathir.. Parvathy shouts and scold Kathir…

Senthil and Kathir urged Security…. At that moment Kathir received a call from Jeeva.. Kathir picks up the call and said I will find her.. I will call you later…. he ends the call.

Senthil gave bribes to Security and urged him to show the CCTV footage.. Security agrees.. Later, Senthil and Kathir went to the CCTV room and asked him to show the CCTV footage.. There Senthil and Kathir spot Mulla.. Kathir went out to of the room and searched everywhere..

In the home all are sitting sadly.. Parvathy constantly scold Kathir. Moorthy urged Jeeva to arrange a taxi to go to Chennai immediately.. Jeeva make a phone call to travel agency and asked for taxi immediately..

Mulla became scared and prays to the god.. Kathir, Senthil, Security arrived near that shop.. Security said see no one is there.. Senthil asked Kathir shall we complaint in Police.. Kathir feels she is inside.. he stand for a while.. He hears the crying noise of Mulla..

He tapped the shop door.. First Mulla scared of that nosie and close her ears.. Later, Karthir called her Mulla.. Mulla became happy and tapped the shop door.. He finds Mulla locked inside a shop.. and urged Senthil and Security to open the shop door..

Senthil and Security went to bring the key.. Kathir asked Mulla to calm down and said I will there for you outside.. After Kathir speech Mulla became brave and happy.. Kathir asked her how you feel.. you have light, you have water.. Mulla replies to Kathir..

Jeeva received a phone call from the taxi agency.. The taxi driver said taxi is ready.. Jeeva inform to Moorthy.. Moorthy make a phone call to Kathir.. Kathir said I find Mulla.. She came to shop because of strike they suddenly locked the shop.. she is in the shop.. Senthil went to bring key.. and ends the call..

Moorthy became happy and inform to family members.. Senthil came near Kathir and said they don’t have this shop key.. I will go and ask to owner… he went..  Kathir was heartbroken.. Mulla apologized to Kathir.. Kathir became speechless and pours out his heart to Mulla..

Later, Senthil brought key.. Senthil and Kathir together open the shutter of that shop.. Mulla stand inside the shop.. Further, Mulla hugged Kathir.. At that moment Jeeva make a phone call to Senthil.. Senthil put the video call… Jeeva showed to the family members.. Kathir and Mulla talk to the family members.. All became happy..

In the hospital, Doctor urged Jeeva to go home..  but he refused and stay there..

with this the episode ends..