Pandian Stores 5th April 2021 Written Update: Mulla and Kathir in trouble.

Pandian Stores 5th April 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Kannan talking to Aishwarya on the phone. Moorthy notices Kannan and comes closer. Kannan fears the worst and ends the call. Moorthy scolds Kannan for the manner he is lying on the floor. Kannan stands up as Moorthy stares.

Kannan’s shirt is wet. Moorthy tells him to take off the shirt. Moorthy tells him to sit down. Moorthy advises Kannan to be a good boy. Kannan did not listen to Moorthy’s advice. Kannan teases when Moorthy advises him.

Moorthy advises Kannan to be like his brothers. Kannan did not have the patience to listen to his advice. Moorthy advises him as much as possible. He says we plan to hold your wedding on a large scale. Moorthy continues to advise Kannan. Kannan teases Moorthy. Moorthy gets furious and scolds him.

Moorthy goes inside. Kannan laments to himself. Later, In Kathir’s room. Kathir and Mulla are asleep. The alarm rang. Mulla stops the alarm and wakes him up. Kathir refuses to get up. Mulla urges him to get up. Kathir asks Mulla what time is it now? Mulla says it’s 4:30. Kathir tells her to get up at 6. He tells her to go to sleep. She tells him to get up and read. Kathir refuses to get up. Mulla motivates him to study. Kathir wakes up. Mulla goes and prepares coffee for Kathir.

Mulla asks Kathir what are you going to read today? Kathir says we will start with Tamil. Mulla agrees and takes the Tamil book. Mulla prays to God before giving to Kathir. Kathir selects a poem from the book and recites the poem. Kathir recites the poem with proper intonation. Mulla looks at him romantically. Kathir reads the meaning of the poem. Later, Kathir and Mulla spend quality time together. Kathir looks at Mulla romantically. Mulla advises him to focus on study. Kathir feels sleepy.

Mulla and Kathir took a bath and sat down to read again. Mulla brings coffee for him. Kathir falls asleep without studying. She sees him sleeping without studying. Kathir asks Mulla shall I read Tamil. Mulla agrees and tells him to the memories the poem lines. Kathir feels sleepy. Mulla tells him to read aloud so that you will not fall asleep. Mulla tutors Kathir to help him in his studies. Mulla reads aloud. Moorthy, Kannan sitting in the hall. Mulla reads aloud. Dhanam, Meena, Kannan, Moorthy think that Mulla and Kathir are fighting.

Mulla recites the poem line aloud. The family stands in front of Kathir’s room. Dhanam calls Kathir. Mulla and Kathir hide the book from the family. Moorthy questions Kathir about the loud noise. Mulla and Kathir fear the worst. Kathir responds falsely. Meena gets suspicious and looks around the room. Mulla and Kathir lie to the family. Moorthy and Dhanam went out of the room. Meena becomes suspicious and stares at Mulla.
Meena walks out saying I will find out the truth. Kathir says I will not study. Mulla motivates Kathir to study.

With this, the episode ends..