Pandian Stores 5th October 2020 Written Update: Parvathy blames Kathir

Pandian Stores 5th October 2020 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Moorthy, Jeeva, Kannan, Parvathy, Kasthuri are all eagerly waiting for Mulla and Kathir.. Parvathy blames Kathir by saying why did we marry him? He missed my daughter… Moorthy and Jeeva became anger and quiet..

Kannan bring her mother… Kasthuri said we tries to wake up you but you slept.. Lakshmi said now only Kannan said everything… what happen to Mulla.. she is alright now… Parvathy blames Karthir by saying he missed my daughter..  He doesn’t care about my girl..

Jeeva and Moorthy became anger.. Jeeva make a phone call to Kathir and enquire where you are? Kathir said within five minutes I will reach home.. Jeeva ends the call and inform to everyone..

All eagerly waiting for Mulla and Kathir.. Mulla and Kathir arrives… All welcomed them.. Mulla became happy after seeing everyone.. Parvathy asked Mulla who are you? Are you alright? she said I am good.. Parvathy blames Kathir for Mulla going missing for a night.. Kathir stands quietly.. Parvathy constantly blame Kathir by saying because of you we went to Police station.. Now you missed her daughter…. I don’t know why you got married.. You don’t know how to protect wife safely.. why are you getting married..

Kathir became calm.. Moorthy became anger and asked her to calm down.. But she won’t listen… Parvathy constantly blaming Kathir.. Lakshmi shouts towards her and said mind your words… he is your son-in-law… speak accordingly..

Mulla became tensed and shout towards her mother by saying why are you blaming him.. Do you know how happy I was these three days..  Parvathy asked her are you happy in the store.. Mulla said we went to mall… there we brought a dress for family members expect him..

I decided to buy a shirt for him… so I went to the shop once again… no one know I was gone.. I forgot my cellphone in home… Later, unknowingly gets locked up in the store..  do you know how scared he was… don’t speak like this unknowingly.. 

Parvathy became quiet… Moorthy asked them to refresh.. Senthil, Mulla and Kathir went inside..

Jeeva went to shop.. Later, Moorthy, Kasthuri, Parvathy are sitting in the hall. Kasthuri asked Moorthy when Dhanam will come. Moorthy said by evening she will come..

Senthil refreshed and sit next to Moorthy.. Moorthy enquire about Padma.. Suddenly Parvathy asked Senthil.. Mulla gets stuck in the shop by knowingly or… Moorthy asked her to be quiet.. Kannan became anger and went out..

Senthil tells the family about Kathir’s and Mulla strong bond.. Parvathy became speechless..  Moorthy and Senthil went inside.. Kasthuri said I will go home..  Parvathy asked her to stay for a while..

On the other side in Kathir room… Mulla and Kathir tries to sleep but they won’t feel sleepy.. both get up and chatting.. Later, Kathir sit next to Mulla and asked her to sleep.. Suddenly Kasthuri intervenes… Kathir went out of the room.. Mulla became anger over Kasthuri..

With this the episode ends…