Pandian Stores 6th October 2020 Written Update: Jaga taunts Kathir

Pandian Stores 6th October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Jaga walking near well. Mullai comes there and question him why did he wandering here instead of sitting inside. He tells her that breeze is good here. Mullai stare him in teasing way and ask about Dhanam he says she is there and will come soon after sometimes she didn’t know yet that Mullain and Kathir returned or else she will land here in few minutes Mullai agrees with him.

Jaga ask about Kathir. She replies to him he is in room, she goes to bring him there. Kathir also ask the same question to him why did he standing here instead of coming in. He ask him about the Chennai trip. Mullai replies to him many things happened there she was stuck inside the store and suffered a lot to come out of it.

Jaga ask them to share about three-day trip in Chennai. Kathir says it was quiet good they roamed in many place like beach, restaurant, resort , park. They spend quality time there. Mullai natrates to him they enjoyed a lot there and doesn’t know how comes three days passed soon. Jaga ask about Dhanam check up? Mullai says to him because of her they couldn’t meet doctor because Moorthy ordered them to come back.

Jaga got emotional and says no one is cared about Dhanam all were listening to Moorthy. Dhanam listened him and ignored the child today they didn’t meet doctor for him. Kathir assures to him they will consult doctor. Jaga taunts him and leaves. Jeeva comes there and question Kathir what happened? Why did he left angrily. Mullai lies to him because of her carelessness she stucked in store its hurt him. Jeeva ask to him is it? She nods Kathir leaves

Jeeva calls to Meena through video call and talking with her casually and asking about baby. She replies to him she slept. She complaints to him that he didn’t called her yesterday. Jeeva narrates to her whatever happened to Mullai in Chennai. Meena got shocked and ask to him Is everything fine now? He assures to her everything is ok. Meena ask to him what will he do if Meena was in her position he pulled her leg by saying he will enjoy the scene. Both talked with each other and disconnect the call.

Mullai is cooking in kitchen Kathir comes there and staring her lovingly and adoring her doing all works. He stands in the corner silent Mullai noticed it and stays silent too. He comes back of her she is surprised seeing him there. He tease her by asking did she shocked? She replies to him she was surprised seeing him there.

She ask to him back why did he stand there in corner and watching her. He lies to her as no. Mullai caught him and says she noticed it. She compliment him by saying he is behaving weird after return but she liked it. He says to her hereafter he will behave like this to her. He says to her he will help her in cooking she refuce it by saying everything is over. Kathir insist her to allow him to do help her she deny it and says it gonna be rain here seeing his behaviour. He tease her and assures to her he will keep staying with her. He sits on the countertop and talking with her looking here and there.

Mullai tease him that he assures to her he don’t hesitate to speak with her and he has no fear then why did he looking here and there to talk with her freely. He replies to her that he is only scared of her mom. Mullai smiles hearing it. Kanna comes there and tease Kathir to stand with Mullai. He ask to him why did he come here? He replies to Kathir to check whether cooking is over not? Kathir too says the same reason.

Kanna replies it doesn’t make sense he usually don’t do such things. Kathir shows knife to him Kanna leaves silently. Kathir again flirting with Mullai Kanna disturb him he again shows knife he leaves informing to him Moorthy called him. He leaves from there Mullai thought if she know it before that Kathir will change himself then she may take him to Chennai before itself.

Moorthy , Kathir, Kanna and his mom were in hall. Mullai and her mom is also there. Mullai inform to Moorthy she is missing Dhanam. Parvathy complained that Mullai doing all household works last three hours. Mullai replies to her this is what Dhanam doing here daily on that time she didn’t complaint anything but for her. Parvathy says she is talking for her daughter but she is supporting Dhanam here. Kanna saya Kathir helped Mullai in cooking.

Parvathy decided to go back but Kathir and Moorthy ask her to stay back. She says to them that she wanna do pooja for three days and cook pongal for god. Moorthy ask her to do it staying there. His mom too says she wanna do some pooja for Meena too. They agrees to let’s do it together. Parvathy leaves. Kathir and Mullai stare each other lovingly