Pandian Stores 7th October 2020 Written Update: Moorthy praises Kannan

Pandian Stores 7th October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Kathir getting ready to impress Mullai in his room. He often checking himself whether he is looking good or not. He sits on the bed with a jasmine flower. He asks himself Is he the same Kathir? He is waiting for Mullai and trying to impress her is not his past self. He changed a lot he thinks smiling. He stares Mullai frame and says to her that it’s his duty to fulfill her wishes happily.

Here Mullai is talking with Dhanam. She asked to Mullai how comes she ended up there? Mullai narrating to her about the incident and gets worried. She expresses her fear to her how did she face the situation. Kanna ask to her that shirt is not looking good then why did she go shopping again to buy it? Dhanam teases him Is this bothering him?

Parvathy comes there and sits with them. She complaints to Dhanam that the Bathroom is very far so its hard to walk here to there and there to here distance. Dhanam agrees with her that the bathroom is in far so wanna build a new one she is talking about this with Moorthy already because Meena gonna come here with the baby so its tough to manage it all.

Parvathy asks her to leave Meena matter and concentrate on Mullai bedroom its so small in size. Mullai replies to her its not a problem to her she likes it a lot so don’t complain. Parvathy says back she is talking for her but look at the way she is asking her to shut the mouth. She complaints to her she is the only daughter of Parvathy that is why she is behind her.

Mullai teases her if she has another daughter won’t she come to meet her. Dhanam asks to Mullai why did she talking like this to her mom. She replies to her she might talk to her in this way. She is doing this to kid her. Parvathy informs them she gonna sleep now. Dhanam asks Kanna to bring the bed then only Parvathy can able to sleep in the hall. Parvathy says to her she will sleep with Mullai. Mullai says to her sleep in the hall.

Parvathy says adamantly she will sleep with her only. She informs to Dhanam that she prepared one pooja for Mullai for that pooja she might be neat and tidy. Mullai says to her she will take bath early and keep fasting then why should she sleep in her room. Inside she won’t get a breeze.

Parvathy says that is why she asks Dhanam to give a big room to her. Mullai warns her not to bring that topic again. Dhanam smiles seeing her frustration. She goes to the room to sleep. Dhanam teases Mullai for muttering to herself complaining to her mom. Kanna comes there and ask to them should he bring the bed or not? Mullai shouts at him in frustration.

Parvathy enters inside the room Kathir starts to speak with her thinking her as Mullai unaware of Parvathy’s presence. She hesitates to hear his words and says she is not Mullai. Kathir gulped seeing her there and stays silent. She asks him to sleep outside. He nods and leaves.

Kathir standing in the hall Mullai comes there and complains to him everyone is a third wheel in their story. Kathir informs to her that he talks with Parvathy thinking her as Mullai. Both were disappointed about the pooja being away from each other. Mullai complained to him that  Padma disturbed them in Chennai and mom here.

No one allowing them to be together. Mom will disturb them for 4 days. He asks her then what did she done in past days. She replies to him she used to scold the husband who ignoring the beautiful wife. Mullai asks him let’s elope somewhere. Kanna comes there and asks him where are you taking his brother? She mentioned him as the second third wheel and leaves.

Dhanam talking to Moorthy about the incident that happened in their house recently. It seems like a cinema but happened in real. Dhanam complains to him that Jaga keeps torturing her for a baby he is not listening to her. Moorthy notices the difference in Kanna’s attitude he is behaving more matured in sales and giving things soon. He praises his changes and appreciates his sale.