Pandian Stores 8th July 2021 Written Update: Good news for Dhanam

Pandian stores montage pic
Pandian stores montage pic

Pandian Stores 8th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Moorthy questions Jaga why did he asked him to meet today? He says to him he is here to discuss about Dhanam’s baby shower function. Kaamakshi says Dhanam is in her 8th month so it’s time to celebrate it. Dhanam’s mother in law tells her they usually celebrate it on 9th month. They wanna take good muhurth to celebrate it.

Kamakshi says that she will take her from the 9th month starting. Moorthy tells her that it seems she wanna take Dhanam soon from here. Meena says to him let her stay here some more days they can take date late. Mullai also supports her. Kasthoori says that even Jaga wishes to take care of his sister and spend time with her in this moment. Jaga says to him that he is waiting to take care of her in her pregnancy time for last 16 years.

Moorthy assures to him nothing to worry he will send her to home. Kaamakshi enquires to Dhanam Is she eating food properly? She nods to her. Kasthoori checking a auspicious day to celebrate the baby shower. They finally takes 23rd. Moorthy asks them to take date after one week because it’s too early. Kamakshi tells him that she fears she will get early delivery pain like Meena it’s better to give time to her to take rest. They agreed with them.

Kasthoori questions Dhanam about her delivery date. She mentions to her as August 28th. Kasthoori comments there is not even one more month to stay in his house. Mullai questions her will she leave after the celebration? Kasthoori says that she will also go to her mom’s house after baby shower function. Kaamakshi feeds fruits to Dhanam. She complaints to her that her hair is falling. Kasthoori says to her its less after delivery her hair fall will increase. Mullai says that even Meena faces it. It will grow up soon.

Kasthoori complaints that Mother in law and her husband are not happy to send her to them. Kaamakshi complaints that she likes her husband house more then her birth place. Mullai shares to her that Everyone loved Dhanam here they can’t able to stay here without her. Dhanam tells her that she gonna stay with her so stop arguing. Kaamakshi tells to her strictly that she will send her here after 5 months only. Kasthoori tells her that 3 months is enough. Mullai questions her when will they meet baby then? Kaamakshi says that Kasthoori took 5 months to return to home after delivery.

Moorthy and Jega comes there discussing about Baby shower function. Kaamakshi says to Jega let’s celebrate this baby shower function grandly like everyone. Kasthoori calls Mullai to meet Parvathy but she deny it. She leaves from there after her Jaga and Kaamakshi bids bye to them. Kannan and Aishwarya are talking with each other secretly. Both are discussing about their future. Kannan assures to her that he will definitely bring her to his home. Aishwarya shows her anger on him for not discussing their matters to home. Kannan says to her if this marriage was broken also she wanna stay with Kasthoori he can’t able to afford it. Aishwarya asks him to marry her soon. He demands her to give a kiss to him.

Kasthoori comes there and witness this. She starts lashing out at them. Kannan and Aishwarya escaped from there. Kaamakshi is discussing with Jega about the baby shower function and inform this to Aishwarya. Kasthoori comes there and lashes out at her for speaking with Kannan. Jega and Kaakshi advises to her and leaves.

Episode end.