Pandian Stores 8th October 2020 Written Update: Kanna helps Mehr Mother

Pandian Stores 8th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Moorthy is praising Kanna maturity and presence of mind in the sale. He replies to him that he learned everything from Moorthy. He comments to him that if he didn’t use this flattering habit no one will turn to you back. He asks him why did he asking the brand to them you can give anyone of them.

Kanna replies to him that we must satisfy our customers by giving the best brand. Moorthy replies to him its village so everyone coming to us to bring things in urgent more then there is nothing much difference between branded things. Just a few rs difference so he might give what customers asking to him without a bargain. He nods in to understand.

Moorthy advises him to mention the customers as an uncle, aunt, grandpa, and grandma. If they are younger to you mention them as sister and brother then only they will be attached to our store and visit here often. Kanna replies to him now only he spoke like real Moorthy.

Jeeva is checking the accounts. Parvathy advising to Mullai to put the onion into the water before cutting it. Moorthy comes there Jeeva gives the accounts to him. Parvathy says to him why did all account is on Moorthy’s name? Jeeva replies to her that the account is only in his name but everything is managed by Kathir and him.

Mullai ask Parvathy why did it’s bothering her? Parvathy says to her she must be aware of everything where is money going and coming from? Mullai asks back to her does she know everything about dad then why did he end up in debt. Dhanam advises Mullai that she shouldn’t talk like this to her mother in front of all. Mullai says to her she must talk to her in this way.

Janardhan comes there surprising everyone there. They welcome him happily, he greets them and sits beside Moorthy. Dhanam asks about Meena and baby. He replies to them he came here to inform them that he gonna discharge Meena from the hospital. Dhanam asks him Doctor strictly said to us they must be in the hospital for babies’ health.

He says to them that Meena feeling uncomfortable in the hospital so he requested Doctor to discharge her. He assures to him that he will arrange all facilities in the house like a hospital. Dhanam ask about checking? He replies to her that doctor will send one Nurse with them she will take care of her.

Moorthy’s mom asks him to bring Meena to their house. He thought to himself he won’t do that but replies to her doctor won’t allow that. Baby will get infected even our house is fully sanitized and many rules and regulations there even they will send mom and baby in an ambulance only so it’s not possible. She says to him she didn’t see babyface yet that is why she ask him to bring her here.

Dhanam supports Janardhan he is saying correctly. Moorthy’s mom worries when will she get a chance to meet them. Moorthy replies happily after one month Meena will come back to our house we can keep her with us. Janardhan dislikes this and thought to himself he won’t send her here at any situation. He takes his leave.

Parvathy complained to them what if she didn’t allow anyone to see the baby will they reply like this to her. Mullai asks her why are you not allowing us to meet Meena baby? Parvathy replies to her she is talking about Mullai baby. Mullai replies to her she won’t allow meeting her baby first and takes her from there. Moorthy’s mom keeps worried about the baby. Jeeva assures to her he will take her to Meena’s house to meet the baby. He shows the baby photos to her she scolds him for taking photos. Then admired the baby picture.

Mehr mom fell down unconscious Kanna came on that way and find her there. He admits to her to the hospital and buys medicine for her.