Pandian Stores 9th July 2021 Written Update: Kathir I’m a Frenzy

Pandian stores montage pic
Pandian stores montage pic

Pandian Stores 9th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kasthoori warns Aishwarya this is the last. If she see her again with Kannan then she will punish her. Kasthoori complaints to her grandma that Aishwarya said to her she loves Kannan. She is asks grandma to control her grand daughter and leaves from there. Kathir says to Mullai that 200 rs is not tally when he checked the accounts in stores. Mullai questions him Is he spend time this much for 200rs. He questions her Is 200rs matter to her they can buy many things in that money. Mullai says to him that kids buying chocolate for 300rs now a days. He says that they are wasting money. Mullai questions him doesn’t he has fear inside him? What day is tomorrow? He questions her what’s tomorrow? He says tomorrow is not her birthday then what day is that?

She informs to him that his results are coming out tomorrow? He shares his fear with Mullai he tells her that he has no hope to pass in examination. Mullai asks him to think positive. Kathir shares to her that he didn’t get time to prepare for the exam that’s why he is scared of the result. Mullai boosts him up. Kathir asks her to don’t leave him if he fails in the exam. Mullai assures to him she won’t leave. Mullai tells him that he will definitely pass in the exam nothing to worry. Kathir demands her to promise him that she won’t leave him. She assures to him again.

Meena is trying to console Kayal. Jeeva comes there and takes baby in his hand. He caresses Kayal she stops crying. Meena asks him to take Kayal with him to his stores from tomorrow reasoning she is crying a lot. Jeeva consoles Kayal and notices the walker on table. He questions her why did she placed it there? She tells him its new one that’s why. Jeeva complaints that its brought by her father that’s why she is protecting it this much. Meena makes Kayal walks through walker in new walker. Jeeva do it in old one. Both are arguing with each other for a walker. Moorthy comes there and lashes out at them for troubling baby for their ego.

Moorthy takes Kayal from them and leaves. Meena complaints that he is insulting her in front of him. Jeeva asks her to stop raising his anger. He asks her to take Kayal from him. She says to him that she will sleep soon in his room. Kathir is nervous thinking about the result. Mullai consoles him and asks him to don’t worry he will definitely pass in this exam. Kathir asks her to stay in home he will check the result. She deny it reasoning she can’t able to sit quiet here till she find the result. Dhanam and Moorthy comes there and questions them where are they going? Mullai lies to her that they are going to meet Parvathy.

Meena comes there carrying Kayal. She scolds Kayal for not allowing her to do household works. Dhanam takes Kayal from her and asks her to stop shouting on baby. What did she done to her? Kathir and Moorthy also pouring love on her. Mullai excuses them and leaves from there taking Kathir from there. Meena questions Dhanam where are they going? She informs to her that Mullai is going to meet her mom. Meena doubts something is fishy reasoning they are going out often. Dhanam deny it and says to her they are going there. Meena asks them to call Parvathy after some time they wouldn’t go there. Moorthy asks her to stop doubting them.

Kathir and Mullai goes to check the results. Kathir is nervous thinking about the result. Mullai asks him to give the hall ticker number. She checks it and finds his number is missing in it. Kathir feels disappointed to hear the result. He shares his pain to get and tells her that he thought he will pass in this exam but he failed today. He apologise to her for failed. Mullai says to him nothing to worry no one knew about this to worry this much. Let’s try again and win in this. Kathir says to her that he can’t able to accept this. He felt sad to see her waited a lot out of exam centre for him. He shoes his disappointment with her. Mullai consoles him.

Episode end.