Pandian Stores 9th October 2020 Written Update: Mehr mom thanking Kanna

Pandian Stores 9th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Dhanam doing a sale in their store, Moorthy comes there and notice it, once the customers leave he ask her where is Kanna? She replies to him that he went to deliver the rice packet. She asks to him how many whistles came? He replies to her he didn’t notice it. She rushed in to check it.

Moorthy smiles seeing her she comes later and informs to him that Mullai is busy washing the clothes that is why she asks him to check it. He asks to her why did she managing the house and store together where is Kanna? She replies to him he went out to deliver the rice 2 hours before till he didn’t return.

Moorthy complained to her that he praised his sale morning itself but he starts to behave lethargically like before. Dhanam supports Kanna and says he may met his friends. Moorthy complaints again while doing sales what’s friendship need is here? Dhanam asks him don’t scold him. Just then Kanna comes there Moorthy starts to scold him for being late Dhanam keeps supporting Kanna. He asks him about the money he stays there silent. Inbetween customers come to buy the things from him. Dhanam ask him to get fresh

Later he comes out Moorthy asks him the same question. Mehr mom comes there Kanna ask to her why did she come here when the doctor asks her to take a rest at the home. Dhanam gets worried and asks her what happened what did the doctor said to her? She says to them that she has sugar though she didn’t take food on time so she faints in road Kanna who helped her and taken her to the hospital.

Moorthy and Dhanam smiles hearing it. Mehr mom praises Kanna’s upbringing. Dhanam and Moorthy feel proud there. Dhanam ask to her did she eat now? If she needs any help ask to her without hesitating. She replies to her she ate. Kanna asks her to bring the 600rs he used for her medicine. She brings it to him.

Moorthy question him why did he ask the amount to her? He replies to him he scolds him for this amount right by saying this he gives the amount to Dhanam. Moorthy asks to him he should have informed it before he scolds him. Kanna replies to him he didn’t allow him to say anything. Dhanam agrees with him.

Moorthy asks Jeeva Is he remember to go to the hospital tomorrow. He replies to him how will he forget that? Dhanam says to Moorthy that they should give the amount to them tomorrow when they are discharging Meena. Kasthuri interferes with them and says ladies’ first delivery should be done by their family. Moorthy’s mom says we must also take part of it.

Kasthuri says to them they are rich then why should we give cash to them. Dhanam says to her whether they are rich or not we should do our work. Kasthuri complained to them that all functions is done by our family Meena family didn’t give a single penny then why should we spend money.

Moorthy replies to her that they didn’t ask us to spend money Dhanam whom said to give the money to them. Its for Jeeva baby. Kasthuri complained to them that when Parvarthy family has debt Mullai ornaments sale it and give the money to repay the amount on that time none say this to her. Let’s see you guys are talking like this in Mullai pregnancy time too.

Kathir and Mullai spending quality time outside the veranda sitting beside each other. Kathir asks her to give her hands to him and releasing air from knuckles. He is flattering her suddenly Parvathy calls her. She got frustrated. Kathir ask her to go

Next-Day Jeeva got ready to go to the hospital he is asking permission to Moorthy to stay with Meena for one day