Pandian Stores: Aishwarya and Meena Team up

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Pandian Stokes is a famous Vijay Tv show. This show entertains the viewers every day with a lot of twists and turns in its storyline. Moorthy and Dhanam sacrifice a lot to raise their brothers Kathir, Jeeva, and Kannan. Moorthy and his brothers were ousted from the Pandian home.

In the previous episode, Moorthy decided to leave the house with his family when Janardhan insulted them. Moorthy and his brothers recalled the past when they packed their things. They are disturbed when Janardhan told them to leave the home.

Moorthy was distraught over the uneasy incidents. Dhanam consoled the family and Moorthy. Kathir invited Moorthy and his family to their home. They are devasted when leaving their Pandian home. Parvathy was unhappy when Kathir invited them home.

In today’s episode, Meena and Aishwarya wish to occupy the room. Parvathy throws Meena and Aishwarya out of the room. Janardhan scolds Kalai when she worries about Meena. Janardhan’s revenge. Later, The family sleeps together in Kathir’s home. Kathir worries about the comfort of the family members at his home. Moorthy and Dhanam are happy to stay with everyone.

Dhanam and Mulla try to wake up Meena and Aishwarya. To sleep better, Aishwarya and Meena trick Parvathy into leaving the bedroom.

Later, they sleep for a while. Aishwarya and Meena team up to fulfill their needs. Later, Meena and Aishwarya fight over little things. Aishwarya and Meena’s atrocities.

When will be the registration? What will be Moorthy’s next move?

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