Pandian Stores: Jeeva will attack Prasanth

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Pandian Stores is a famous Vijay TV show. This show entertains the viewers every day with a lot of twists and turns in its storyline. Now the serial towards the climax part. Soon we will see Pandian Stores 2.

In the recent episode, Moorthy and Dhanam expressed their concern to Malli. Malli attempted suicide. Kathir and Jeeva handed over Prasanth to the police.

In the upcoming episode, Moorthy will invite Malli home. Parvathy will appreciate Moorthy who helps in Malli’s tough times. Parvathry will realise her mistake. Janardhan and Kalai will visit Moorthy’s place.

Janardhan will hand over Moorthy’s old house to Jeeva. Jeeva will decline Janardhan’s property offer. Moorthy and the family will be happy. Jeeva will decide to help Janardhan. Jeeva will get Janardhan’s document and money from Prasanth’s room.

Mallli will allow Jeeva to take the document and money. Prasanth will escape from the jail. He will search for money and documents from his room. He will attack Malli when he doesn’t find anything. Malli will reveal the truth to Prasanth.

Prasanth will approach Moorthy’s home to get the documents. Prasanth will attack the ladies to get the documents. Moorthy and Jeeva are on the way to Janardhan. Jeeva and Moorthy will attack Prasanth to save Kayal. Police will arrest Prasanth from Moorthy’s place.

Will Jeeva hand over the documents and money to Moorthy?

The upcoming will answer all the questions.

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