Pandian Stores: Kathir’s solid move

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Pandian Stores is a famous Vijay Tv show. This show entertains the viewers every day with a lot of twists and turns in their storyline. Moorthy and Dhanam sacrifice a lot to raise their brothers Kathir, Jeeva and Kannan. Earlier we saw that Moorthy and his brothers planned to do Pandian stores opening ceremony. They invited nears and dears for the shop opening ceremony. The officers sealed Pandian stores. The officers denied the approval. Now the views will see, Will they be able to manage the situation?

In the previous episode, Moorthy and his family planned to invites the near and dear to the Shop opening. Jeeva received a call from the contractor who says the shop is sealed. Jeeva and Kathir felt shattered as the officers sealed the newly built shop.
Kannan disclosed the problem to the family. Kathir felt broken as an unexpected accident occurs. Kathir requested the lorry driver to hold on to the goods overnight.
The officer denied the approval for the store.

In today’s episode, Jeeva and Kathir question the officers for sealing the shop. EO officer warns them that they will demolish it. Kathir worries about the goods. The lorry driver urges Kathir. Kathir takes this to Jeeva. Jeeva decides to seek Janardhan’s help. Janardhan has no intention to help Jeeva. Kathir feels shattered and going to remove the seal. Murugan stops Kathir. Kathir vents out the struggles that he has gone through to Murugan.

In the upcoming episode, The goons will threaten Kannan. Kannan will come to know the reason why the shop is sealed. Will Janardhan help Jeeva? Will Kathir reveal Mulla’s problem to Dhanam? Will Kannan and Aishwarya work in Pandian supermarket? To know what is going to happen next in your favorite show Pandian stores, keep watching the serials stay tuned to this space for new daily updates.