Pandian Stores: Meena is distressed

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Pandian Stores is a famous Vijay Tv show. This show entertains the viewers every day with a lot of twists and turns in their storyline. Earlier we saw that Dhanam gave birth to the baby boy. Meena felt bad to see Kayal being neglected by the family. Now the viewers will see Mulla arguing with the family.

In the previous episode, Meena felt bad to see Kayal being neglected. The family spent time with the newborn. Mulla expressed her wish of having a baby to Kathir. Meena helped Dhanam with her newborn. Meena struggled to take care of Kayal alone. Meena did the household chores. Moorthy returned early from work to spend quality time with his newborn. Kamakshi told Meena to take care of Kayal without expecting Dhanam. Meena was unhappy when Moorthy neglected Kayal after the newborn arrival. Janardhan advised Meena.

In today’s episode, Meena feels downhearted and talks to Jeeva. Jeeva comforts Meena. Meena opens up to Jeeva about her worry. Meena feels bad when Kayal is neglected after the newborn arrival. Jeeva tries to convince the crying Meena. Jeeva takes care of Kayal when Meena is upset. Elsewhere, Mulla and Kathir hear the newborn cry. Mulla expresses her wish of having a baby to Kathir after seeing the newborn arrival. Kathir nods at Mulla’s desire to have a baby soon. Kannan hears the newborn cry. Kannan watches the family taking care of a newborn. Kathir is helping in the construction work. Mulla is not pleased to see Kathir. Bank manager asking for a Pandian store entrance place for ATM.

Will Moorthy agree to keep the ATM?
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