Pandian Stores: Moorthy announces his decision.

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Pandian Stores is a famous Vijay Tv show. This show entertains the viewers every day with a lot of twists and turns in its storyline. Moorthy and Dhanam sacrifice a lot to raise their brothers Kathir, Jeeva, and Kannan.

In the previous episode, After returning from Ramamoorthy’s home. Moorthy and his family talk about Gopi’s issue. Moorthy asked his family not to talk about Gopi’s issue. Meena shared her idea of computerized accounting. Meena asked for money from Moorthy. Meena opposed Moorthy when he refused to give money. Meena confronted Moorthy for spending money on Mulla’s treatment. Jeeva apologized to Mulla on behalf of Meena.

In today’s episode, Meena is upset when Moorthy refuses to give him the money to implement her idea. Jeeva comforts the devasted Meena. Jeeva spends time with Meena. Meena shares her woes with Jeeva. Later, he hugs Meena. On the other hand, Moorthy is upset with Meena’s statement. Dhanam advises Moorthy to give money to Meena. The next day, Meena feels guilt-ridden. Moorthy and his brothers sit together. Moorthy converses with Meena.

Kathir asks Kannan to work in the Pandian superstore. Jeeva and Kathir tease Kathir when he refuses to come. Moorthy agrees to Meena’s demand. Meena is unhappy with it. Later, Meena gets surprised when Moorthy announces his move. Meena gets emotional with Moorthy’s announcement.

Will Moorthy faces a financial crisis? Will Mulla’s wish come true? To know what is going to happen next in your favorite show Pandian stores, keep watching the serials stay tuned to this space for new daily updates.