Pandian Stores: Parvathy will encounter Janardhan

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Pandian Stores is a famous Vijay TV show. This show entertains the viewers every day with a lot of twists and turns in its storyline. Now the serial towards the climax part. Soon we will see Pandian Stores 2. Janardhan will realise his deeds.

In the recent episode, Janardhan worried about Swetha. Kannan got ready for the training section. The family emotionally dispute Kannan’s departure.

In the upcoming episode, The family will decorate their place for Kayal’s birthday. They will invite their dear Kayal’s birthday. Meena will be worried about Kayal’s future. The family will be solace, Meena.

Parvathy will solace Malli. Janardhan and the family will take part in a birthday party. Kalai will be furious when Malli stand before her.

Swetha will be unhappy at Kayal’s birthday party. Kannan will watch Kayal’s birthday through video call. A rift will arrive between Parvathy and Kalai. Parvathy will support Malli. She will talk in favour of Malli. Parvathy will use this opportunity to humiliate Janardhan.

Janardhan will be guilt-ridden of his act. Dhanam will forcefully send her family home. Dhanam will send Jeeva and Meena to Janardhan’s place. Jeeva will solace Janardhan and his family. Janardhan will realise his mistake.

Will Malli stay in Moorthy’s place? Will Moorthy help Malli to pay off due? The upcoming will answer all the questions.

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