Pandian stores: Radhika is going to sign.

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Vijay Tv popular shows Pandian stores and Baakiyalakshmi are coming together to entertain the viewers for three week with lot of twist and turns in their storyline.

The current track shows Moorthy deciding to build a departmental store. Moorthy faces an obstacle. Baakiyalashmi is eager to visit family deity. Ramamoorthy advises to visit the relative. Radhika, Gopi stays in the same hotel. Meena and Mulla meet Bakkiya. Radhika fixes the rate. Meena asks Janardhan to help Moorthy. Janardhan decides to buy the godwon. Mulla invite Bakkiya to home. Moorthy meets Gopi. Janardhan meets Gopi. Bakkiya stays at Moorthy’s home. Radhika suspects Gopi. Moorthy spots Gopi and Radhika together. Moorthy informs Dhanam about spotting Gopi and Radhika together. They are going to celebrate Pongal. Bakkiya asks Radhika to sell the property to Moorthy. Moorthy is going to buy the godwon.

In the previous episode… Dhanam, Mulla, Meena are eager to see Ezhil.Moorthy informs Dhanam about spotting Gopi and Radhika together. Moorthy suspects that Radhika is Gopi’s friend.

In the upcoming episode.. Moorthy tells Gopi to stay at home. Gopi refuses.Gopi lashes out at Bakkiya.Moorthy informs Dhanam that property owner will come home tomorrow. Moorthy tells Dhanam to cook for her.

Gopi tells Radhika to get ready tomorrow. Radhika feels guilty. Radhika says I agreed to sell the godwon with Moorthy. Gopi tells Radhika not to see sins for them. Bakkiya invites Radhika to the pongal function.Ezhil and Ramamoorthy arrive to Moorthy’s home. Ramamoorthy is identical as Murugan.

Moorthy introduces family members to Ramamoorthy.Family spend time quality time together.

Who is going to buy godwon? Will Radhika come to Moorthy’s home?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what is going to happen next in your favorite show Pandian stores, keep watching the serial and stay tuned to this space for new daily updates.