Pandian Stores: What sweet Raasathi prepares for Dhanam?

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Pandian Stores is a popular Tamil language drama which airs on Star Vijay. The story mainly focused of the unity of a joint family after the entry of new daughters-in-law, Meena and Mulla.

Sathyamoorthy lives happily along with his brothers Jeeva, Kathir and Kannan and his caring wife Dhanalakshmi. They run a grocery store named Pandian stores which is famous in their locality. Dhanam is often criticized by her relatives for not having children repeatedly, although her brother-in-laws did not let it affect her.

Murugan’s daughter Mullai desires to marry Jeeva. Jeeva tells the family that he cannot marry Mulla after seeing Meena. Later, Dhanam decides to get Mullai married to Kathir, the younger brother to .Jeeva. Jeeva marries Meena and Kathir, Mullai.

In this previous week this what happen…
Kathir offers to help Mulla after seeing her struggle while cooking…Elsewhere, Jeeva is scared to face an angry Meena.Meena and Jeeva get into a heat argument. Later, Dhanam criticises Mulla for her carelessness..Kathir comforts Mulla…Kathir consoles an upset Mulla. Afterwards, Dhanam feels neglected when Mulla takeover the household chores…

Dhanam feels neglected… Meena create a scene as Jeeva is negligent about their newborn’s needs.. Later, Moorthy guides Jeeva on leading a happy life..Dhanam lashes out at Meena when she yells at the baby. On the other hand, Janardhan brings a civil engineer home..
The engineer states that it is impossible to build a new restroom in the house.. Later, the family lashes out at Meena for creating a scene..

The doctor suggests an expensive surgery for Parvathy’s recovery…Elsewhere, Janardhan visits Moorthy’s house with Raasathai, his sister…Raasathai fishes for loopholes in the family to tear Meena apart form the family..As part of her plan, she provokes Meena against the family…Meena acts rude when Dhanam advises her..on the other hand, Kasthuri instigates Mulla against Dhanam..

In the latest episode… Raasathi assures Meena and Jeeva. Elsewhere, Dhanam feels insecure when Lakshmi appreciates Mulla…

What happen next…. Raasathi provoke Meena against the family… Kasthuri instigates Mulla against Dhanam….who will create problem? Raasathi prepares sweet for Dhanam… what sweet she prepares for Dhanam?
Upcoming episode will answer it…

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