Pandian stores: Will Lakshmi agree to get a loan?

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Vijay Tv popular show Pandian stores entertain the viewers every day with a lot of twists and turn in their storyline. The story mainly focused on the unity of a joint family after the entry of new daughters-in-law, Meena and Mulla. Janardhan aims to separate Meena from that family. Will this change when the brothers get married?

The current track shows Moorthy plans on opening a departmental store. Janardhan’s evil plans to acquire land. A misunderstanding arises between Meena and Mulla. Meena belittles Kathir. Mulla gets offended. Dhanam lashes out at Meena. Jeeva overhears the conversation. A misunderstanding arrives between Mulla and Meena. Dhanam worries about the family’s financial situation. Moorthy decides to get a loan.

Earlier it has seen that Kathir in a fit of rage. She informs Moorthy about Mulla and Meena’s rift. Dhanam is sacred that these small issues will rift the home. Moorthy gives money to Kathir and Jeeva for their family needs.

In the upcoming episode..Mulla and Meena go shopping. Meena buys unwanted items. Mulla tells her to buy the necessities. Meena gives her two thousand rupees and gets all the items.

Mulla shows the bill. Mulla says that Meena paid the remaining amount from the money given by Moorthy. Meena intervenes and says that it is not Moorthy’s money, it is Jeeva’s salary, and she goes inside. Dhanam tells Moorthy that nowadays the family expenses are more.
Kathir suggests an idea. Kathir tells Moorthy to keep the housing bond and get a loan. Moorthy refuses. Dhanam and Kathir convince Moorthy. Moorthy is going to inform Lakshmi the housing loan issue. Lakshmi is shocked of hears that.

Will Kathir talk to Mulla? Will Lakshmi agree to get a loan?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what is going to happen next in your favorite show Pandian stores, keep watching the serial and stay tuned to this space for new daily updates.