Pandya Store 11th November 2022 Written Update: Raavi is in severe pain

Pandya Store 11th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shweta dropping the pregnancy kit when Dhara enters the room. Shweta says that the kit wasn’t available in the nearby shop, so she should go to the market to get it. She came back to get money. Dhara scolds her for not taking the money the first time she went to buy a kit. She doesn’t notice the kit which is on the floor. She turns to leave. She stops and is about to turn around. Dhara and Shweta hear Raavi screaming in pain.

Dhara rushes to Raavi. Raavi cries and says that she has a severe pain in her abdomen. Dhara decides to take Raavi to the hospital and thinks of informing Suman and calls out to Rishita. Shweta says that Suman has gone to the temple with Kanta and Rishita has also gone out with Chutki. Dhara asks Shweta to take care of Chiku and informs Rishita when she returns home. Shweta agrees and hides Dhara and Raavi’s phone by placing a pillow over them. She asks Dhara to take her to the hospital to which she had admitted her. 

Dhara takes Raavi to the hospital in an autoricshaw. Shweta thinks that Dhara wanted to throw her out of the house. Now Dhara and Raavi won’t be able to reenter the house. On their way, Raavi notices Shiva going on his bike in the rear mirror and hides her face with Dhara’s saree pallu. Dhara asks what she’s doing. Raavi says that she’s hiding from Shiva. Shiva goes passing by the auto in which Dhara and Raavi are. Raavi screams in pain. Shiva hears this and asks whether Raavi is in that auto. He then says that she should be at home as she has just returned home. 

The doctor checks Raavi. Dhara asks the doctor if Raavi is fine. The doctor says that they can’t say anything till they get her blood reports. At Pandya’s house, Rishita comes back home with Chiku. Rishita calls out to Dhara. Rishita asks Shweta where Dhara and Raavi are. Shweta lies that she doesn’t know. She went to the room to put Chiku to sleep. They weren’t at home when she came back. Rishita calls them. Shweta thinks that they can’t receive her call as their phones aren’t with them. 

At the hospital, Dhara becomes emotional, remembering her miscarriage. She prays to God to protect Raavi. In Pandya’s house, Raavi hears the phone ringing and goes to Raavi’s room. She finds Dhara and Raavi’s phone on the bed and wonders what the emergency is for leaving their phones at home. Shweta is telling herself that she should call Dr. Nithin, who is her childhood friend, and tells him to say that Raavi’s pregnancy is four weeks older. So that Shiva doubts Raavi. Rishita hears this and says that periods can be delayed due to other reasons than pregnancy, like stress.

Shiva will understand that Raavi wasn’t pregnant when her periods would come. Shweta says that she will make the family believe that Raavi deliberately aborted her baby. Then Dhara and Raavi will be thrown out of the house. Shweta says that she has a plan for Rishita too. She got the pregnancy kit to trap Rishita. She says that she will throw three of them out of the house and make her parents realize their mistake. Rishita slaps Shweta. It all turned out to be her imagination. 

Shweta phones Nithin. She confirms if Dhara and Raavi have come. The nurse gives the report to Nithin. The latter says to Shweta that she’s going to give her sisters-in-law the good news. Shweta says ok and adds that she is coming. On the other hand, Suman and Kanta are sitting in a park with their friends. They see a pregnant woman who starts to have a sudden labor pain and help her.

At the hospital, Nithin lies to Dhara and Raavi that Raavi is pregnant. Raavi is scared of Shiva’s reaction after finding out about her pregnancy. She cries hard. Dhara cries out of happiness. She hugs Raavi and says that Shiva will be happy to hear this. Dhara urges the doctor to do an ultrasound test. The doctor is scared that his lie will get exposed. He refuses. Dhara scolds the doctor and asks where the ultrasound test room is there. She brings a stretcher and takes Raavi there. 

Shweta reaches the hospital. Suman and Kanta take the pregnant girl who is having labor pain there. The doctor does Raavi’s ultrasound and says that there’s a big fibroid in her uterus, so she’s having pain. He says that her condition is critical, so they need to operate on her soon. Dhara asks the doctor how they can operate on Raavi. She is pregnant. The doctor says that she’s not pregnant, which shocks Dhara and Raavi. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Dhara asks in the hospital reception which form she should sign for her sister-in-law’s fibroid removal surgery. Shweta is also there in the hospital. Suman and Kanta arrive at that hospital. Suman spots Shweta. Shweta is in a nurse’s disguise and asks a doctor to change Raavi’s report. The doctor performs Raavi’s operation. 

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