Pandya Store 12th January 2023 Written Update: Pandyas trap Shweta in their plan

Pandya Store 12th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krish saying that the investor who wants to buy their shop is sent Shweta’s dad. Rishita is shocked to hear this. Suman taunts Rishita. A furious Suman wants to confront Shweta’s parents and return the money to them. Dhara stops Suman and says that Krish will return it to them. She says that the old lady agreed to convince Mansukh to help them with their plan. Raavi says that Dhara cares about her plan more than Shiva. She asks what’s wrong if Shweta’s parents buy the house, they get money and can use it for Shiva’s operation. Suman scolds Raavi. Shiva also shouts from his room that he won’t get his operation done with their money.

Shweta becomes furious when her dad informs her that Dhara phoned him and refused to sell the house and has returned the money via Krish. Just then, Mansukh and the old lady arrive there. Shweta scolds the old lady and Mansukh and refuses to register the shop’s legal papers that day. Mansukh suggests buying Pandya Nivas for her. He says that he does this to become famous by buying Paandyas property. She shakes hands with him. She immediately washes her hand, complaining that there was sweat in his hand.

Shweta says that it won’t be easy to cheat the Pandyas this time as she’s going to buy the house. She asks Mansukh to offer Pandyas 10 lakh in advance. Mansukh says that she should pay 35 lakh in advance as her parents offered one crore to buy the Pandya house. Shweta says that she doesn’t have that much money. The old lady asks Shweta to give the 25 lakh she has to give as advance to the Pandyas. Shweta agrees. She says that she will cheat them again and will get their house and her money back. Krish overhears their conversation hiding.

Later, Mansukh and the old lady arrive at Pandya’s house to discuss their next plan. Dhara makes the old lady sit on the sofa and Rishita offers tea to her. The old lady feels happy to be treated with respect. She says to Dhara that it won’t be easy to fool Shweta, who took their shop away by cheating them. She asks the Pandyas not to underestimate Shweta. Dhara is determined not to lose to Shweta this time. Pandyas give Mansukh a wig and ask him to wear it, so that they will hide earplugs inside. They will give him instructions about their next plan. He agrees. Dhara explains the plan to everyone. She hopes that Shweta won’t know about Mansukh’s earplugs.

Pandyas are waiting for Mansukh to go to Shweta. Raavi is scared that either Mansukh will get caught or he double crosses them. Dhara scolds Raavi for being a pessimist. They become alert when they hear Mansukh’s voice in the speaker.

Mansukh asks Shweta about her next plan. Shweta says that she will come to the register office in disguise. She asks Mansukh to tell the Pandyas that she’s his sister. Sne says that the Pandyas should think that she has come as his witness. She says that Mansukh will sign as owner and she as a witness, then they will exchange the paper. She will sign in the owner’s place and he in the witness’s place. She wonders how to exchange the papers. She plans to do a kidnapping drama.

Dhara instructs Mansukh to tell Shweta about her honeybee plan. Mansukh obliges. He says to Shweta that the kidnapping will be risky, so they will set free honeybees while swapping the papers. Shweta agrees to his idea. Pandyas are happy. Shweta refuses to believe it’s Mansukh’s idea and asks whose idea it is. Mansukh says that it’s theirs. Shweta gets suspicious. The lady manages the situation by saying that it’s her idea. Shweta warns Mansukh that everything should happen according to their plan. She says that she waited for this moment to see Pandyas ending on the road. Suman says that they will teach Shweta a lesson.

The episode ends.

Precap: A boy writes letters to Dev-Rishita, Shiva-Raavi and Krish asking them to return home as Suman is unwell. They are all in different places.They tear the letters, refusing to return home. Dhara asks Suman to act that she’s dead. Suman obliges. A boy welcomes two kids inside the Pandya house.

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