Pandya Store 12th May 2022 Written Update: Gautam visits Dev and Rishita’s store

Pandya Store 12th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rishita giving offering to Janardan and Kamini. Janardan asks what it’s for. Rishita says that they had visited temple for the completion of third month pregnancy. Janardan wants to take Rishita and Dev for dinner that day night. Rishita says to procrastinate it as that day she’s going to her home. Kamini says that this is her house.

Rishita says that she’s talking about Pandyas, She has to take Susan’s blessings. Janardan is sure that they won’t remember this day. Kamini gives juice to Rishita. Just then Dhara and Raavi arrive there. Dhara says that Rishita completed her third month of pregnancy, so they kept a veneration and brought its offering. Rishita hugs Dhara. The latter congratulates Rishita and Dev. Raavi also congratulates Dev and Rishita and gives them baby’s things.

Raavi apologize to Rishita for rebuking her in the party in front of all. Rishita says that she’s at fault, she showed the video in the party. She apologize to Raavi. They share a hug. Raavi asks if she can touch her tummy. Rishita nods ok. Raavi talks to the baby says that she’s her aunt. Rishita feels to vomit and runs to the washroom. All gets worried about Rishita.

The latter comes back. She asks Kalyaani why she added cardomon in the juice, she knows how her body is reacting to that these days. Dhara says that Rishita never like cardomon. Kamini drinks the juice and says that she has told to the servant. She apologize to Rishita. Dhara and Raavi say to Rishita to take care of her. Dhara kisses her forehead. They take leave.

Gautam is in the store. He gets emotional on seeing his father’s photo and the trophy. Shiva arrives there. Gautam hugs Shiva getting emotional. Shiva asks why he is crying, he should be happy as he is becoming the owner. Shiva makes Gautam sit on the cash counter. Dev smiles seeing this from his shop. Shiva says that the shop got it’s boss again. Dev gets happy that Gautam returned to his shop. Gautam says to Shiva that they were able to build a new floor in Pandya store because of Dev. He says that if he takes a step towards them, they should take steps towards him. He adds that Dev also deserve his happiness.

Gautam comes to Dev and Rishita’s store. He asks if he can get a chocolate. Dev and Rishita get happy. Rishita welcome in. Gautam says that he will come in if Rishita will show him the shop. Rishita says that Gautam will be proud of them. She takes him in. Gautam hugs Dev. They make Gautam visit the shop. Dev gives chocolate to Gautam. Gautam feeds them the chocolate and wishes that God fills their relation also with sweetness. Gautam gives money for the chocolate saying that the business rule should be same for all. Dev places that money in front of God’s idol.

Dev says that he will keep this money in the store as his blessings. Dev asks Gautam to sit on the cash counter as this is his store. Gautam says that Dev has rights on it and makes him sit there. Gautam takes leave. Kamini phones Rishita and says that they’re organizing a veneration at home to celebrate the completion of three months of her pregnancy. Rishita tells the same to Dev. The latter says that they will invite all while going to take Suman’s blessings. Rishita says that it’s a great idea.

Dev and Rishita arrive at Pandya house. Dhara gets elated on seeing them. Rishita says to Suman that she and her baby need her blessings. Suman touches her tummy and blesses her. Dev tells Suman about the veneration organized at their house and invites all of them. Dhara says that they all will definitely come and adds that she will make the offering for the veneration.

Pandyas sit to have dinner. Rishita sees that there are two extra plates and asks if some people are coming for the dinner. Krish says that Dhara keeps plate for Rishita and Dev everyday. Dhara says to Dev and Rishita to have food with them and makes them sit. They all share a family dinner. After the dinner Rishita says to all to come to the veneration in time, she will be waiting for them. Dev hugs Shiva.

Rishita gets water for Suman to wash her hands. Dev says to Suman to come to the veneration the next day. Other hand Kamini says that a huge drama will happen in veneration that the Pandyas will come happily, but will leave getting shattered that it won’t be possible to unite them back and Rishita will never return to that house.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman asks Dhara to promise that she will bring Dev and Rishita back home. In the veneration Rishita accuses Dhara of deliberately using cardomon in the offering despite knowing that she’s allergic to it. She says that Dhara is jealous of her baby.

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