Pandya Store 13th April 2021 Written Update: Dhara gets upset with Gautam

Pandya Store 13th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gautam defending Dhara. Gautam says to Suman that Dhara doesn’t know about Dev loving Rishita and when she got to know about it, she wanted to rectify it. She went to Janardhan’s house, but she was humiliated. Even Rishita insulted Dhara in front of everyone. Because of Dhara there’s peace in this house, Dev-Rishita and Shiva-Raavi got married and he has faith that Shiva and Raavi will fall in love one day. If She can’t understand Dhara in the 10 years, how Raavi and Rishita will understand her. Suman gets angry and asks Gautam to leave. She refuses to eat the food Dhara brought.

Dhara asks Gautam why he broke the promise of not interfering between Suman and her. She says that he shouldn’t have talked to Suman in this way and asks him to apologize to her. Gautam admits that he has done a mistake, but he didn’t say anything wrong. Dhara says that Suman has the right to get angry on her. Suman is no to blame in whatever happened. She further says that she knows he loves her very much and she can see it in his eyes.

She asks him to go and apologize to Suman for talking in a loud tone. Gautam asks how she’s always right. Dhara says but she was prooved wrong in Dev’s matter and cries. Gautam says that she never let any wrong to happen with any family members. He hugs her saying he will apologize to Suman and console her.

Raavi is crying recalling Dhara requesting her to marry Shiva. Dhara comes to Raavi to take her. Raavi doesn’t move. Dhara says that she knows wrong happened with her, but when she accepted the marriage for family’s sake, she has to make a step forward to keep the relationship up. Raavi asks where she has to come. Dhara asks her to come to the temple and leaves.

Few guests come to Prafula to give Shagun for Raavi. Prafula complains that they’re giving less money and makes them leave. Other side Dhara brings Raavi to the temple. Rishita is already waiting for her there. Dhara asks to leave their hands’ prints on the wall as a part of the ritual. Rishita0 completes the ritual. Raavi refuses to do the ritual. Dhara asks her to perform it. Raavi asks if her fate will change as she wants after performing this ritual. Dhara says no, but her future will be good.

Prafula says that Dhara ruined Raavi’s life like she ruined Anita’s life. Jagat says she’s wrong. She ruined Anita’s life and Dhara saved Raavi’s life. Krish forcibly taked Raavi’s hand and puts it on the wall. Dhara reprimands Krish and asks to apologize to Raavi for his behavior. He says sorry and walks away. Dhara stops Raavi and gives the prasad to Raavi. She refuses it to take. Dhara says that God will punish her for her mistake and asks not to commit a mistaje by refusing the prasad. She asks Raavi and Rishita have the prasad sitting in the temple. Krish calls Dhara and she leaves. Rishita asks how long she has loved Dev. She heard that the older the love is, it’s harder to forget.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiva finds Raavi’s gift for Dev in her suitcase. Rishita puts Raavi’s suitcases out and says she has rights on Dev’s room. Raavi says that she doesn’t want Dev nor his room.

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