Pandya Store 13th February 2024 Written Update: Dhawal and Amrish gets into argument

Pandya Store 13th February 2024 Written Update on

The door starts wurst Dhawal reaching the clinic and Natasha gets happy seeing hum there. Dhawal smiles proudly. Natasha greets him and mistakenly falls into his arms and drops the flower basket she was carrying making the petals shower on both of them. Dhawal looks into Natasha’s eyes . Later she thanks him for coming. Dhawal tells if Natasha calls Dhawal has to come. Natasha informs Bhabhis that Dhawal is here and all of them come to meet him.


Natasha on call informs Amrish about Dhawal arriving. Dhawal insists Pranali to start the inauguration and cut the ribbon. Pranali is about to cut it, Amrish reaches there and stops her. He keeps saying overdramatic lines. Natasha wonders why Amrish is overacting so she tries to inform him via conference call. Pranali tells Dhawal that Amrish will die but not let her open the clinic. Dhawal addresses Amrish by his name instead of Mots shocking him. He tells that no one in the house is going to remain his puppets. Amrish questions Dhawal if he will not call him Mots and the latter denies. Amrish tells if Dhawal wants to get Pranali’s clinic opened then he will let it happen.

Natasha questions him why he agreed so soon and requests him to cover up his statement or else they will get caught. Dhawal suspiciously looks at Amrish. Amrish says to open the clinic, he has to walk over his dead body. Dhawal wonders why Amrish changed his words. Amrish says nothing can happen against his wish. Dhawal asks Amrish whom he was talking to. The latter quickly covers up saying he has been talking to Dhawal only. He stands infront of the ribbon and tells he will not let the clinic open. Amrish and Dhawal stand against each other.

Amba sees all her daughter in laws smilingly happily and decides to ruin the situation. She picks up mud from the vase, and throws at the name board. Natasha whispers Amrish to stop Amba or else their plan will get ruined. Amrish tells Amba to stay out of this matter as it’s against him and the ladies panchayat. Dhawal calls Pranali to cut the ribbon. Natasha thinks this should have happened after Dhawal and Amrish’s understanding. Her phone falls down and Natasha wonders how to get it.

Natasha starts appeasing Amrish requesting him not to hurt Dhawal now even after he has left the home. She says how Amrish has been only crying and did not eat nor sleep since last night. Natasha insists him to listen to Dhawal’s point of view. Amrish first denies but then tells Dhawal to speak up his point of view. Dhawal tells she is educated and deserves it. He also says Amrish will lose all his family members if his thinking keeps coming in between. Meanwhile Natasha picks up her phone. The episode ends Dhawal asking her what she is doing sitting down.


Dhawal will blame Amrish for bringing fake medicines for Pranali’s clinic and gets angry on him. Natasha will get more determined to reunite Dhawal with his family.

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